List of 14 Peer to Peer Lending Companies in India

peer to peer lending companies in india

P2P lending helps individuals borrow and lend money without any financial intermediaries in between. A person who wants to invest his money can lend it to another person looking for cash. And this is where peer to peer lending platforms comes to play.

Is Peer to Peer Lending Legal in India?

Yes! It’s absolutely legal to lend directly to someone in India. If we talk about Peer to Peer lending businesses, RBI has set some guidelines. You can ask any peer to peer lending company for the Certificate of Registration from RBI. If it has one, they are under legal obligations of Reserve Bank of India and you can safely invest your money through them. Moreover, some P2P lending websites in India provides 100 percent principal recovery guarantee which is very useful and reduces the financial loss risk.

RBI Regulations on Peer to Peer Lending in India

The Reserve Bank of India regulates the P2P lending platforms in order to protect the interest of borrowers and lenders. Peer to peer lending is booming in India and RBI, on October 4 last year issued directions for non-banking financial companies that operate peer to peer lending platforms in India.

According to the regulations, no NBFC can carry on the business of P2P lending platform without obtaining a Certificate of Registration. Every P2P lending platform shall have a net owned funds of not less than INR 2 crores. You can read the complete RBI guidelines for NBFC companies to operates a P2P lending business here.

How Safe is Peer to Peer Lending in India?

Saftey depends on various of factors including transparency in the process, creditworthiness of the borrower and risk diversification. Some P2P lending platforms enable risk diversification by lending your money to more than 1 borrower instead of a single one to reduce the recovery risks.

Some P2P finance companies share with you the complete credit check process to help you better understand the borrower and make better decisions. Moreover, if an NBFC has obtained a Certificate of Registration from the RBI, it is completely safe to invest your money with them.

List of best p2p lending platform in India

India has more than 30 Peer to Peer lending startups and counting. We have added some of the most promising P2P finance companies in the list and we constantly update the list to add more. You can also mention in the comments the platform you love the most.


Founded by Abhinav Johary, Manisha Bansal, Neha Aggarwal, Raghavendra Pratap Singh, and  Vaibhav Pandey in 2015, i2ifunding is a P2P lending platform in India. It provides an online marketplace that connects borrowers looking for peer to peer loans with investors looking for alternative investments and capital growth.

i2ifunding has raised $1.1 million in total funds from SucSEED Venture Partners. The P2P loan provider brings in transparency in the entire credit process and makes it easy and quick to get personal peer to peer loans. Borrower’s credit score is determined using data points like education, employment, transactions, salary, social network etc.



Nitin Gupta, Rajat Gandhi and Vinay Mathews founded Faricent, a peer to peer lending site in India that provides P2P loans to individuals. Borrowers and lenders can connect directly on the platform.This best p2p lending platform in India eliminates the high margins charged by banks and financial institutions.

Due to massive expenditure to pay employees and maintain branches, commercial banks take huge margins from the borrower. Whereas, Faircent enables borrowers to get money directly from lenders and thus eliminates the commission and expenses. This ultimately benefits the borrower as rates of interests are controlled.



Founded by Abhinandan Sangam, Amit More and Vishwas Dixit in 2016, Finzy is the one of the best P2P lending platform in India. It has raised a total of $2.3 million in investments from BFSI industry professionals and other successful entrepreneurs. Interests rates starts at 10.99 percent which is lower than interest charged by banks on personal loans.

Lending and borrowing process is completely digitized and Finzy works on a marketplace model. A loan is approved and disbursed in less than 48 hours. Borrowers need to submit basic KYC details and sign an electronic NACH mandate to facilitate automatic EMI deduction from the bank account.



i-Lend is a social peer to peer lending company that provides a marketplace to bring together lenders and borrowers. Founded by Mukesh Kothari, Niti Gupta and Shankar VVSSB, this Hyderabad-based P2P finance startup facilitates personal loans of INR 25,000 to INR 5 lakhs for 6 to 36 months.

Lenders can invest a minimum advance of INR 10,000 on the lending platform. The startup has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from 50K Ventures last year. Interest rates vary between 18 per cent and 24 per cent which is higher than a savings account and fixed deposits and makes it a good investment venue for lenders.


5LenDen Club

Founded by Bhavin Patel and Dipesh Karki in 2015, this Mumbai-based peer to peer lending platform in India connect wealthy investors to creditworthy borrowers. The startup has raised around $611.8K in five funding rounds from investors like Venture Catalysts, Anirudh Damani, Artha India Ventures and several other angel investors.

LenDen Club claims to have more than 35,000 borrowers and 8,000 lenders. An average investor can expect returns as high as 27 per cent per annum. This P2P finance company provides loans for credit card repayment, rental deposit, medical emergency, wedding, travel, family functions, home renovation and higher studies.



Founded by a single man Rajiv Ranjan this year, PaisaDukan has become one of the leading peer to peer lending companies in India within a short span of time. It has already secured $875K in total funding from several angel investors. Based in Mumbai, the company evaluates creditworthiness of borrowers using its proprietary algorithm.

The company currently has more than 300 lenders and 700 borrowers. Some solutions provided by PaisaDukan are loans for education, vehicle, properties and more. A borrower can get anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 10 lakhs and the interest rates vary between 12percent to 30 per cent.



RupeeCircle describes itself as a new age finance company and offers a simple alternative banking approach by directly connecting lenders with responsible borrowers and helping them strike better deals. The startup has already raised around INR 4 crores in funding from Mahindra Finance.

This P2P lending platform in India claims to have crossed INR 1,62,95,000 in the total loan amount and caters to more than 2,200 registered borrowers. Investors can get up to 25 per cent annual returns.



Founded by M Sundar, Mukesh Bubna and Sonal Bengani in 2014, Monexo is a peer to peer lending marketplace operating from Hong Kong. It has raised around $500K in total capital from Cyberport Hong Kong. The company claims to have processed more than 1,18,000 loan applications.

An investor can earn around 22 per cent returns on his capital. With technologies to process loans the same day, Monexo is one of the best P2P lending platforms in India. It has memberships with credit bureaus and reports on a regular basis.



Cashkumar is an online peer to peer finance company that connects millions of borrowers and lenders throughout the country. It was founded by Dhiren Makhija, Kannan Kandappan and Yogesh Joshi in 2014 and has raised a total of INR 5 crores since then from angel investors Mohan Kumar and Vishal Sampat.

Based in Bengaluru, Cashkumar has disbursed a total of INR 34 crores in loans. It provides peer to peer loans for marriages, business, medical emergency and travel with lots of other customized lending solutions. It has processed more than 27 lakh loan applications till date.



Founded by Bhuvan Rustagi, Ekmeet Singh and Jatin Malwal in 2015, this peer to peer lending site in India has already disbursed INR 35 crores in loan amount to more than 1,40,000 borrowers. This Delhi-based P2P finance company has more than 14,000 registered lenders and provides them with an annualized return of more than 24 per cent.

Investors can invest as low as INR 10,000 and earn as high as 36 per cent on investments. Borrowers can borrow as low as INR 25,000 and as high as INR 5 lakh without any hidden charges. The interest rates start at 12 per cent per annum. Lendbox uses technology for digital KYC, credit check and loan disbursals.


11Rupaiya Exchange

Founded by Rohan Hazrati, Rupaiya Exchange has raised $200K from investors angel investors. This Delhi-based peer to peer lending website unsecured personal and business loans by connecting peer to peer borrowers with lenders on their marketplace. With a dedicated mobile app, Rupaiya Exchange facilitates quick loan application, hassle-free approval process and instant loan disbursal.

Borrowers can borrow anywhere between INR 10 thousand to INR 1 lakh depending on their credit worthiness and pay back in 1 month to 24 months. Rupaiya Exchange does not charge any fee for pre-payment of loans.



Financepeer is an AI-based digital peer to peer lending platform in India catering self-employed, entrepreneurs & salaried individuals through a highly secure, digital loan disbursal medium. Headed by Rohit Gajbhiye as CEO, the startup provides loans to individuals without credit or CIBIL score.

Financepeer provides personal loans, home loans, debt consolidation loans, vehicle loans and business loans. A borrower can get digital KYC, account analysis and credit rating performed in 5-10min without the requirement of any manual documentation process.


13India Money Mart

India Money Mart is another P2P lending marketplace that works towards bringing individual borrowers and lenders together. This Mumbai-based P2P finance company enables lenders get returns of up to 25 per cent and the loans interest rates starts as low as 12 per cent. Through IndiaMoneyMart, one can get small personal loans starting from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 10,000 for a repayment tenure of 3 to 36 months.

The Lender can also lend amounts as low as Rs. 25, 000 on this platform. The platform provides more than a single option to the Lenders and Borrowers to transact. Lenders can lend only a portion of the required borrowed amount to a borrower and safeguard his risks through risk diversification.



Founded by Sanket Hasabnis and Satchit Hasabnis in 2015, this Mumbai-based P2P lending platform in India operates a consumer lending marketplace for home, personal, car, and business loans. Borrowers can easily compare packages and interest rates from partner banks before selecting one for their usage.

Credit worthiness is determined using salary slips and bank account statements (like in any other NBFC) and a basic KYC. The startup has raised around $320K from angel investors. It also provides a loan portfolio manager where you can transfer your existing loans to them at lower interest rates easily.


Industry and Scope of Online Lending Companies in India

Peer to peer lending in India is expected to grow to a whopping $5 billion industry by 2023, according to a Inc42 Data Labs report. The industries origin date back to 2012, when the very first P2P finance company i-Lend was launched in India.  And these lending startups has raised $220.66 million in venture funding between 2015 and 2017.

However, if we compare this sum to China’s $100 bn P2P lending industry, it is comparatively low. And this indicates the potential for massive growth opportunities. Some of the P2P lending firms are expected to become unicorns in the upcoming years and democratize the availability of credit from big-ticket borrowers to small ticket borrowers.


  1. I have been investing in P2P platform for more than year. I would say closely following portfolio NPA trend and diversifying across loans as well as platforms is the key to success

    visit to check out my portfolio!

  2. OMLP2P is India’s leading peer to peer lending platform based in Mumbai that enables individuals to borrow from investors who are willing to lend. It was the first peer-to-peer lender to apply its offering with Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and to offer loan in its platform. OMLP2P enables borrowers to borrow unsecured personal and business loans between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 10 Lacs. The loan is available between 3 to 36 months.

  3. The ease of investing/borrowing on a P2P platform is one major reason for its quick and steady growth in India. is one of the leading platforms in India as mentioned in the article (thanks for the mention folks!)

    Here are few things that the LENDERS must keep in mind before/while investing in a peer to peer platform:
    1.Ensure that the P2P platform is an NBFC-P2P
    2. Understand the platform’s borrower requirements, rejection rates and collection policies
    3. Look at the default rates
    4. Ensure diversification while investing
    5. Do not get carried away with higher returns

    Here are a few things for the BORROWER to look at before borrowing:
    1. Registration charges – at we do not charge any registration or loan application charges
    2. Lock-in Periods or Prepayment charges – Keep in mind that some platforms may have a lock-in period or prepayment charge so find out before you take a loan to ensure you can flexibly pre-close the loan whenever you wish to
    3. Ease of EMI payments – Most platforms have an automated emi collection mechanism, so ensure that you aren’t stuck with one where you have to manually transfer funds as this may cause a hassle
    4. NBFC-P2P- Borrowing from a platform regulated by RBI is always safer and if you are repaying on time it will help you enhance your credit scores as these platforms report back to the Credit Information Companies.

    Happy Investing and Borrowing!


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