Bangalore-based start-up, Cardiotrack, which provides the best-in-class predictive diagnosis for cardiovascular diseases, is strengthening its footprint in Mexico, France, and India as well. Cardiotrack is a global name that uses innovative medical technology to create breakthrough diagnostic products in the cardiac space and improve people’s lives.

Cardiotrack, on Tuesday, announced that it inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Grupo Seara, one of the largest entrepreneurial healthcare services companies in Mexico. Founded by Eduardo Serna Barragan, Grupo Seara will adopt advanced patient-centric technologies from Cardiotrack to deliver high-level operational efficiency and quality diagnostics for the patients at an affordable cost.

Founded by industry veterans Ashim Roy and Avin Agrawal, the Cardiotrack platform is designed to fulfill the basic requirements of primary care. Using Cardiotrack, doctors can detect heart health problems accurately, consult specialists, refer and track patients, maintain a medical history and start the intervention process.  At a time when coronary heart disease is one of the major healthcare challenges facing the World, Cardiotrack is addressing the concern through its innovative diagnostic solutions for cardiac care, globally.

The MoU was signed at the TEPC event, 2017 in the presence of the senior leadership teams from both companies. A similar MoU was signed with Cardiologs, a French AI company, to deliver best-in-class predictive diagnosis for cardiovascular diseases. In fact, Cardiotrack, recognized globally for its robust hardware, will be integrated with AI software developed and deployed in France.

Cardiotrack’s collaborations will revolutionize the way cardiovascular diseases are diagnosed. The solutions will offer features that are currently only available in ECG machines priced many times higher. The AI based solution is designed for use in primary healthcare clinics (PHC) and will bring a tremendous change to affordability and accessibility of quality heart health diagnosis and intervention.

Talking about the collaborations, Ashim Roy, Co-founder, Cardiotrack, said, “It gives us great pleasure to collaborate with internationally reputed companies. It is a testimony of our commitment to making healthcare delivery more efficient, effective and affordable through innovative healthcare products. Since Cardiotrack’s inception in September 2015, approximately over 16,000 patient scans have been done using over 200 devices. The deployments have been in India as well as in countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Mexico, and U.S.A.”

“The healthcare industry has made massive strides in the past few years with digital health technologies. However, new age medical diagnostics tools provided by global leaders that are designed for the needs of large hospitals and clinics, are often too expensive and require a significant amount of training. That makes them unsuitable for primary care physicians. In fact, the problem becomes acute in semi-urban areas of the Asian sub-continent, where the lack of diagnostic capabilities at primary care centers results in a lack of proper healthcare delivery. Cardiotrack, a disruptive diagnostic platform, is based on years of extensive research and data mining that addresses these challenges and simplifies the process,” said, Avin Agrawal, Co-founder, Cardiotrack.

Cardiotrack’s parent company uber Diagnostics is headquartered in Singapore. The focus is to usher in a technology revolution in the healthcare sector through its diagnostic and intervention platform. The company employs highly evolved technology in medical electronics, data analytics, cloud storage and diagnostics workflow management.

Cardiotrack platform is designed to fulfill all the basic requirements of a primary care clinic. Using Cardiotrack, doctors can detect heart health problems accurately, consult specialists, refer and track patients, maintain the medical history and start the intervention process.

Cardiotrack platform includes multi-parameter, light weight healthcare IoT devices and mobile health software that help to screen illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and hypertension and helps doctors to perform diagnosis and then safely store the patient records.

The Cardiotrack device was launched in September 2015 and approximately 200 of these devices have been deployed across India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mexico, and U.S.A. Major reason for getting traction in the market has been affordability, ease of use and mobility that the product renders to its users. Most of the expensive health diagnostics products can only be operated in hospital environments, which are air-conditioned.

However, working environment at the primary care facilities in the developing economies is different. The diagnostics sensors used in the Cardiotrack function at extreme temperatures and dust rode and humid environments.

Cardiotrack teleintervention platform is built to overcome limited availability of specialists, lack of transportation infrastructure and power breakdowns that are common constraints in emerging economies and provide effortless remote patient management and disease care.

The company also keeps in mind the different regulatory needs of different countries and is thus focused on building products with a global perspective in mind.

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