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The US-based accelerator Y Combinator has shortlisted 26 Indian startups for its upcoming winter batch 2020. The current announcement displays that the accelerator’s winter batch has almost doubled the entries from India, compared to its summer batch that had only 14 Indian startups.

However, the accelerator has not revealed any names yet. Earlier Economic Times reported in December 2019 that Y Combinator might double its entries from India as it had exited from the Chinese market. With China out of the scene, India is the biggest market for the Silicon Valley-based accelerator.

Chinese startups, however, can apply for the accelerator but Y Combinator has stopped holding any separate program in China. India now makes up for almost 15% of Y Combinator’s batch.

Do you know about ServX, the Y Combinator-backed Bihari startup?

Launched in 2005, Y Combinator holds three-month-long intensive accelerator programs for seed-stage startups followed by a demo day that let founders pitch their idea in front of institutional and private investors to raise seed funding. The accelerator has divided its program into two batches – winter and summer.

Y Combinator also helps startups to deal with investors and acquirers and allows them to move to Silicon Valley in the United States, where the accelerator takes care of all the living expenses at its campus. Since its inception, the accelerator has helped more than 2,000 seed-stage startups with a combined portfolio of $155 billion.

Some of the prominent Indian startups that had been a part of Y Combinator’s batch are fintech firm ClearTax, payments gateway Razorpay and social commerce startup Meesho. These were part of its 2015 and 2016 batches. Some of the notable unicorns that were part of Y Combinator are Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, DoorDash, and Coinbase.


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