The world has gone a bit chaotic with omnipresent social networks. There’s at least one social network for each purpose and a many without none. Teens spending their time on useless scrolling and kids counting the number of subscribers of their new channel has now become an addiction, which is about to end soon.

Enter Wylo, a social networking platform that connects users over topics they love faster and easier. Its bold definition goes like: Built for empowering people to chase their dreams, Wylo is an interest-based network and a content-sharing platform that brings you closer to people like you whom you may not find otherwise.

Started in 2019 by Omnath Premnath, Wylo, the Chennai-based startup helps people to find their interests, explore their curiosity, and pursue their passion. Omnath claims that with Wylo, the exploration of a person’s interest will become super easy than ever before.

You might now wonder how Wylo works. Here you go.

By choosing their interests, Users can scroll through their newsfeed that’s full of content they love. Be it technology to art, photography to fashion. If users are looking for a change, and they want to explore new interests, all it takes is a tap. Moreover, the all-new Wylo allows users to connect with people who share the same interests as never before. Yes, it’s true. It’s faster and easier.

Though the genesis of Wylo happened only in 2019, the inception of the idea dates back to Omnath’s college days. Nearly after spending four years studying Electronics in his college, Omnath says he was sure of one thing. That he never had an interest in Electronics. This subtle but vehement realization had seeded the very idea of Wylo in his mind.

Eventually, he had realized that he was more into programming and design. And when he looked around himself, he had found most of his friends doing things they will never be fond of. He even goes on to say that it hurt him personally.

When he dug deep on the issue, he found that the primary reason is the lack of exposure and connection with the right people.

And he wanted to change that. He wanted to help people do what truly interested them.

The problem, however, was that society as a whole lacked an organized way to find the right people and content to explore their interests. It’s the trigger, the baton he is still carrying, the spark of the wildfire that Wylo is now becoming. That’s how he came up with the inception to create an application that would reorganize the internet based on individual interests.

He quit his well-paying job to develop an application that would have everything—from best people to the best content—organized under specific topics. All that the users would need to do is find one’s area of interest and join their tribe to the glory.

And that was how Wylo — What You LOve — had its first cry.

When asked about the upcoming challenges, he sports a simple smile and says,Anything new you do is always going to be tough. But if you persist and keep doing things consistently, everything would fall in place at some point in time. I guess that is the key — persistence. Working on what you fear to be new and wild educates you a lot. And eventually, you will become good at what you are doing that it would be domesticated only to become the new normal.”

Currently bootstrapped, the company is in its early stage. When asked about funding, Omnath looks cheering and says that he is looking to go for a seed round to expand the team across technology and marketing, both vertically and horizontally.

As of now, Wylo is targeting to add many Wyloers (that’s the nickname given for the app’s users) in the upcoming months and become the pivotal interest-based social networking space in India.

When asked about what kind of change Omnath wants to bring in the society, he politely says,I want to bring a change in every individual’s life, so the society changes with it.”


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