Perfect Promotional Giveaway
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Technological advances today have made the world of marketing vast and competitive. There are now unique ways to increase your brand equity and make your company known to more people, and creativity is more important than ever.

When it comes to giveaways, you may have the huge dilemma of how you can make your brand known, attract attention from the crowds, and leave a lasting memory. Whether it be in a trade show, conference, or another event, it can sometimes be a challenge to stand out with so many other companies in the same event. If you currently have this dilemma, you should get custom stress balls for your next promotional giveaway.

Though stress balls may seem like a traditional choice, there are several reasons why they continue to be popular in trade shows today. Aside from being able to personalize the balls to have your company logo, there are also other brand-building benefits that you can achieve from giving away stress balls.

Personal Gesture

Compared to most of the current marketing activities that centre around virtual platforms like social media, giving away custom stress balls are much more personal. Although sending messages on social networks can also help you reach out to many people, giving out stress balls gives you a sense of personal connection with the consumers.

Establishing a personal connection with consumers will be crucial in leaving an impact and a form of recall to potential clients. People who see the ball at any time after your event will immediately remember your company, brand, and the interaction that they may have had with you or other company representatives.

Tangibility of the Object

At the same time, the tangibility of the ball adds another layer of sensory reception for your potential clients. While the usual marketing ploys like audiovisual presentations or live demonstrations appeal to the sense of sight and hearing, custom stress balls also appeal to the sense of touch.

Sensory marketing has long been useful to attract the attention of consumers because of the power of people’s responses to stimuli, which can be unconscious or subconscious. Typically, the more senses you can appeal to, the more effective your advertising is. The reason behind this is that people tend to retain more information when more senses are used so with stress balls, you can leave a more lasting impact and memory of your brand and company.

Impact of the Memory

When you blast televisions with commercials or put up billboards in frequented highways, people may remember your brand for some time. After a while, however, the promotions may start to slip and fade into the background of their memory. This trait is likely the challenge that you often face when planning out how to market your brand.

With a stress ball that people can bring home or anywhere, you no longer have to worry about the threat of them forgetting since having a physical object will help them remember. Every time they open their drawer and see the ball or find it in their desks, they will think about your company and see all the pertinent things like your logo and contact information.

The next time you draft up your company’s marketing plan or decide on a giveaway for a trade show, consider stress balls. They may seem like small objects, but the impact they have on customers will be extremely beneficial to building the brand of your company and making it known to more people.


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