Finding an investor and building a strong long-term relationship with him/her is never an easy task.

But in this article, I will outline some of the esoteric tips on how to build a firm and impactful relationship with an investor, in fact building a relationship is quite relevant with dating, how it is relevant?

I will describe down below in the article thoroughly so you can get a glimpse of how these two terminologies relate with each in other in almost every perspective.

Now the basic question here is how to build a strong and productive relationship with an investor before raising funds?

There are a million ways to build a relationship with an investor quite long before you need or demand something from him or her.

To fulfil this task you have to think like a marketer rather than just the founder of your startup company.

The concept is simple, find out what the investor is looking for to invest in? What are the investor’s needs?

And is there anything you can provide to fulfil the needs of the investor?

If so, ping the investor, let him or she knows your idea and plan, convince and assure the investor and let the game begin.

Put some investors in the target list

This is the first and foremost step find out about the investors you would like to do business with, just like Dating, you saw a girl you like at the bar, the one at the gym and the one at the wedding ceremony of your friend, now the smart thing is to date them one by one and find out who is more likely to be your girlfriend and then start a relationship with her.

Same is with the investors you find out the investors who believe in the same idea as you do and then it is time to meet with the investor.

Meet up confidently

It is time to meet the investor you want the money from, just try and set up a meeting or just talk whenever you get a chance, introduce yourself and the ideology of your business, your business plan and the company’s goals.

Talk confidently and gently, don’t put all your effort in the very first meeting give it the time to process but not too much, keep meeting the investor and bring him/her the idea they would love to invest in.

Talk about your passion

So, now you have talked to the investor, the next step is to show them how passionate you are about your idea and your company because they are not just going to invest in your company, they are trusting you and investing their money into yourself.

Show them your obsession and passion they will love it. Same as a woman loves a man who is ambitious, optimistic and passionate about his work.

Be Honest

Honesty is the key to every relationship, no matter how hard the problem is always to be honest with your investor because an investor would love to be involved.

He/she has put their money into your business and they want it to be successful as much as you want it to be successful.

Just like in dating, honesty makes the relationships strong and even lifetime, sharing your problems with one another will likely result in a better solution that you have never thought of before.

Patience is the key

Relationships take some time, don’t rush it, whether it is a woman or an investor if you are too impatient and showing aggression towards them to invest or love chances are they will run away, so be patient and the results will surprise you.



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