mail retargeting

So, you run a website that features your products or services. Maybe you want to promote your website further to gain more internet traffic or to sell a product. You could always buy text ads on other sites or multimedia ads on a streaming service. But, have you ever heard of mail retargeting?

Essentially, mail retargeting is the process of identifying the IP address of someone visiting your website, pairing that with a physical house address, and then mailing that house a mail which directly relates to your site. There is no account creation or form filling required by the potential customer.

The best part about this is that the person who receives the mail has already interacted with your site. They know about your product. You’re not merely throwing ads out into the internet space and hoping for a reaction. The physical mail is sent to the customer within a day or two from when they visit your website. You can find more information about mail retargeting below.

Marketing Through Mail

When using mail retargeting, the company that provides the service will apply what it knows about the customer visiting your website and send them emails that stand the best chance to convince the customer to make a purchase. When it comes to typical online marketing, companies rely on an email address to make a connection between a company and a potential customer. Through mail retargeting, your potential customers will also see the exact product they viewed as a digital ad, as well as that physical mail. Included in the mail will be things like sales, new products, and offers to return customers.

Targeting Anonymous Users

As internet culture has advanced, many users are opting to remain unknown in the digital sphere for privacy reasons. This act poses a problem when it comes to digital advertising. If you can’t see who visits your website, how can you know who to target with your ads? You can target all your anonymous visitors using programmatic advertising. You can achieve this by tracking what they viewed on your site, whether they left any items in the cart, as well as other factors. Any regular or previous customers will be eliminated from consideration too. All these factors allow you to know and send mail to whomever you decide.

Additional Perks

One of the best parts of mail retargeting is that it focuses on actual human beings rather than bots. Roughly half of the traffic online is falsified, and this is an excellent asset for your business. But you also must be able to track these real people. This is where pixels come into play because the older technology of cookies is slowly disappearing across the internet. Because these people have already visited your site, you know they are interested. This fact is reflected in the scenario that mail retargeting has a more likely chance of being viewed by people than just being presented before other digital platforms.

How is it possible?

The biggest reason mail retargeting works is because you can track everything that a customer does on your website. You’ll be able to see every click and every page they visited. This fact will only increase your advertising efficiency and profitability.


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