Administration Jobs in Sydney
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What do you usually think of when you talk about Sydney? It is the home to a lot of tourist attractions, like the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour National Park. The capital of New South Wales houses several restaurants, nightspots, a football stadium, and shopping malls. It is also where you can find the central business district. The workforce is the reason why there are a lot of administration jobs in Sydney.

The city is progressive. Research shows that in Australia, there is a shift in job needs due to automation. For instance, manual workloads from the mining and construction industry experienced a steady decline in the past decade. However, there is a rising demand for office administration jobs in Sydney with a required mastery of computer and information technology-related systems. So, it is but typical to find a lot of recent job openings for business establishments in the metro. If you are the type of person who wants a change of career, then say no more. Sydney is looking for employees for the following positions.

Executive Assistant 

This role is essential to a wide range of industries. The companies may be related to information technology, entertainment, construction, education, and consulting services. Mind you, these are industries reporting directly to the Senior Manager and takes on operational duties. Depending on years of experience, he may have less than four subordinates under his belt.

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is also known as a private assistant. But most of them take more of a home administration role. He is responsible enough to manage the household and other personal duties.

Office Manager

When it comes to office and business administration, he is the head honcho in the office. He takes care of the day-to-day needs and reports directly to the Director or the General Manager. He may even take on a few errands from the Human Resources Department.


This post is a junior administrative position. But this is just more than just answering the phone and guest greeting. They become the face and unintentional brand ambassadors of the company. First impressions come from them, so they have to be presentable at all times.


The political role of this position is based on his duties and responsibilities as a problem solver and mediator whether the Chief Executive is left or right wing-leaning. He is the right-hand man (or woman) of the Chief Executive Officer. He is in charge of a lot of tasks, from research, strategic activities, communication, and even personnel management. All critical internal issues also go through him before it gets to his direct boss.

Legal Assistant

As the name implies, this position is mainly for legal firms and solicitors. They ensure efficient and accurate support for the legal processes required of the company.

HR Coordinator

This position is at the heart of the company as it handles employment, benefits and compensation, employee relations, and labor issues. Qualified applicants must have a Human Resources background or experience in a related field.


It is an umbrella term for a couple of roles across a company. These include but are not limited to Data Entry, Accounts Payable, Assistant Accountant, Credit Controller, Bookkeeper, Credit Manager, and Accounts Receivable positions.

Marketing Coordinator

The role is mainly from a marketing and sales standpoint. As an assistant to the Marketing Manager or Marketing Director, the applicant for this post must be technologically adept and adaptable. Responsibilities may comprise advertising, communication, branding, and events.

All of these jobs fall under the Business Services Industry. Based on the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, this strand has seen a steady increase in employment levels. So you can never go jobless in Sydney because there is an overflow of job opportunities. If you are hunting for a new occupation or you want to try out something different, you may want to check out the administration jobs in Sydney for your curiosity and financial needs.


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