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The outbreak of Covid-19 has emphasized the importance of workplace safety and health. While some businesses and companies may hold a strong grasp of the ins and outs of workplace safety, others may just be starting. 

Maintaining the well-being of your workers is key, not only because of safety but also because many studies have shown that enhancing health and safety in the workplace can boost profits and productivity. 

And although every workplace holds its requirements, there are standard things that employers can do to motivate a proactive safety culture within their businesses. 

In this article, we’ll discuss ways to improve safety in the workplace.

Provide training

Offer comprehensive training on workplace safety. Cybersafety, fire safety, first aid, and so on. Think about the things an employee will require to feel as safe and secure in the workplace as possible. For example, not all staff members need to be educated greatly on first aid, even though having a basic understanding is great. 

Generally, training depends on the work set up, a worker who works in construction may need to learn how to safeguard a machine, while an administrator who works in an office may not but would rather benefit from using a Panic Alarm Button

Contrary, workers in industries like banking or finance would gain a lot from cybersecurity training.

Teach new staff the organization’s safety policies

Every workplace functions as a microcosm, while some policies are applicable generally, new staff members need to be taught how things function in the work environment they are deployed in. 

This is important for employee wellbeing and is also good to prevent unnecessary disasters due to miscommunication in the future. 

Allow employees to have access to safety information

Writing a list of critical safety measures is great, but it’s not very useful if staff can’t access it. Making the information accessible and easy to understand is also important. If you have employees from different cultural backgrounds, who speak different languages make sure the information is also available in the languages that the workers speak. 

Assess the workplace environment often

Inspecting the workplace regularly is a critical element of workplace safety. It helps make sure the work environment is operating as it should, it also helps highlight areas that require improvement. 

As the workplace is always changing, regular inspections can serve as a proactive way to keep track of changes that need to be made. 

Keep the work environment spotless

As the outbreak of COVID-19 has been highlighted, cleanliness in the workplace is a must. To maintain worker health optimal hygiene practice must be done. In industries like healthcare and hospitality, it is becoming essential for patient/client wellbeing also. 

Encourage staff to stretch during breaks 

We are now aware of how important good ergonomics is for the well-being of workers. Staff members are usually found to be standing too much, sitting for too long, or engaging in repetitive tasks which can have an adverse effect o their health in the long term.

Encouraging your employees to stretch throughout the day is a wonderful way to prevent potential musculoskeletal disorders. Among other important things.


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