top adult entertainment companies in the world

The porn industry is one among the most lucrative and largest markets in the world that generates about $100 billion every year. It is more than the GDP of countries like Slovenia and Panama put together. The industry generates much more profit than Hollywood. It expands to multiple media including print, digital, and DVDs.

Recently, the industry has expanded into online sex games, sex toys, and merchandising which altogether contributes a large chunk of the profits.

Despite the adult entertainment materials are all over the internet and one can find them easily, the companies behind the content is not quite well known and not easy to understand when it comes to their structure and ownership. Many of the adult entertainment companies are owned by holding companies with offshore headquarters. This is to comply with the varying degree of legality and taxation of different countries.

In conclusion, many big names in the industry are doing it the hard way and want to remain as invisible as possible. The adult entertainment business is tricky but profitable. Here is the list of top 7 most influential, largest and profitable adult entertainment companies in the world.


You may not know “MindGeek” but the site that it owns will ring many bells, i.e PornHub. PornHub is one of the world’s most visited sites. This privately held company is headquartered in Luxembourg and is the kingpin of the adult entertainment industry. MindGeek owns and operates sites like Red Tube, You Porn, Tube8, Brazzers Network, PornMD, and XTube.

Founded in 2004, MindGeek employs more than 1,000 people and is worth over $750 million. The company also owns producers like Reality Kings, Digital Playground and The sites owned by the firm receives a monthly 4 billion hits and with each visit lasting 10 minutes and 25 seconds on average.

Larry Flynt Publications

Larry Flynt Publications, the company behind Hustler magazine was founded by Larry Flynt who made a huge personal fortune. Larry launched his top-shelf magazine in 1974 which slowly expanded into a vast empire. The subsidiaries of LFP Inc. now include sex shops, strip clubs and production of adult entertainment films. The company is worth $500 million and employees more than 300 people.

Despite the declining trends of traditional print publishing, Hustler magazine still reaches a large global audience. The publication owns several print titles like Barely Legal, Asian Fever, Hustler XXX, Hustler’s Chic Magazine, Hustler’s Leg World and many more. Besides, the company also owns strip clubs in three countries as well as dedicated adult film production studio called Hustler Video.

Playboy Enterprises

This one is the most universally recognized brands in the world. Playboy magazine once had a circulation figure of 7 million copies worldwide. The infamous bunny logo has controversially been applied to merchandise like clothing ranges and marketed to the under 18s. No company on this list comes close to the popularity and market dominance of Playboy. Despite a decline in its overall sales, Playboy Enterprises reported total revenue of $215 million in 2010.

The company provides jobs to more than 160 people through its subsidiary companies. The organization includes publishing and entertainment firms like Spice Network, Playboy Online, and Playboy TV and a licensing group. The licensing group handles all the merchandising features of the Playboy logo. It is the licensing group that generates the greatest chunk of revenue for the firm amounting to more than $1 billion in annual sales.

Private Media Group

Private Media Group was founded in Sweden but is incorporated in Nevada, US. However, the firm operates from Spain and is best known for producing mega-budget adult movies such as the multi-award winning two-part series, Millionaire which was produced with a budget of $1.6 million and earned 16 nominations at the Venus Awards in 2004. The company has won over 130 awards in total from the adult industry.

It is the company behind the popular hardcore Swedish magazine, Private. The Private Media Group employs just 38 people. The revenue for the group exceeds $8 million with total equity of around $12 million through sales of its DVDs, magazines, and range of sex toys. The company is also involved in online dating services and a clothing range. From the humble beginnings of a man who sold color sets of nude photos from his father’s shop in the 1960s, Berth Milton Sr could little have imagined how much the company would grow.

Hammy Media Limited

Have you ever heard about Hammy Media Limited? No? How about xHamster? Though not many know Hammy Media Limited, everyone will recognize the link of this company to its biggest production line, xHamster. It is the 4th most visited adult content website in the world and ranks globally as the 34th largest website by traffic. It receives 1.4 billion hits every month.

Headquartered in Cyprus, the valuation of Hammy Media Limited is still unknown due to its complex structure and ownership. However, conservative estimates place this in the order of $62 million approximately. The firm earns its revenue through premium membership on its adult entertainment website as well as advertising. The company has also forayed into other products like a sex doll called xHamsterina and a Belgian beer.

WGCZ Holdings

WGCZ Holdings operates two of the world’s most popular websites; xVideos and XNXX. Registered in Poland, the company has a complex web of associate companies, listed registrars and individuals. It is believed to be one of the most invisible companies in the world. Both the websites operated by the firm are currently ranked the 1st and 2nd biggest adult content websites in the world.

Both of them receives more traffic than Twitter and Netflix. One interesting fact is that the combine hits each month is more than there are humans on this planet. The information about this company goes blank beyond a point but it appears that the company is owned by two french persons, Stephane Michael Pacaud and Deborah Malorie Pacaud. Experts say that the company may be worth $300 million, but these are just estimates.

Core Magazine

Core Magazine is a Japan-based adult entertainment company that specializes in ero-manga. The company is estimated to be worth $52 million. Founded in 1985, the Tokyo-based company focuses on producing Hentai Manga, adult magazines and ‘yaoi’ titles. It has remained in the top position of adult entertainment companies in Japan. Core Magazine also operates a successful chain of specialist book shops.

Founded in 1985, the Tokyo based company is focused on producing Hentai Manga, adult magazines and ‘yaoi’ titles. It has successfully beaten off much online competition to remain one of Japan’s leading adult companies and also operates a successful chain of specialist book shops. The company employs around 140 people and has consistently been one of the top producers of erotic manga in the world.


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