Decades ago, in 1950, Ishrat migrated from her homeland Kabul in Afghanistan to India and settled in a small village. An intuitive genius at concocting Unani traditional home remedies, Ishrat brought this skill with her as did several other members of our Yousufzai clan.

Uncovering the same, I bring Taaseer, as a platform to the people of India with the Noble Cause of Health and Help.

Half a century later, in 2017, her granddaughter, Innayat revived her grandma’s traditional Persian Unani home remedies for skin, hair, and wellbeing by building a wellness brand out of it. And named it ‘Taaseer’. It is an Urdu word which has its roots in Persian, and means ‘efficacy’ in English, and as the tagline of the startup goes, it is made with Innayat and Khuloos, which means ‘grace’ and ‘hearty’ and also are names of the founder.

Formulas that were well-kept secrets for the past many generations in Innayat’s family are now transformed into elegant bottles of wellness as shown in the picture below.


Founded on the 28th December of 2017 by Innayat Khan, Taaseer offers fifteen products priced between Afghani 150 (INR 138) and Afghani 3000 (INR 2,766).

The Ancient Persian Traditional recipes consist of a potent Rabt tooth powder made with walnut bark, cardamom, dried neem, meswak and cloves for tooth whitening and curing tooth sensitivity issues.

AafreenRose Oil Elixir, from Khasna village, Iran, an exquisite oil that has more than 25 benefits in nature including healing chronic acne, acne scars, open pores, depression, and migraines.


Moajaza hair oil, another product by Taaseer, contains 47 herbs and 12 base oils including homemade cow ghee, all prepared in a traditional copper vessel. It cures 16 hair related issues from alopecia, hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp to stimulating hair growth.


Taaseer is a bootstrapped start-up that intent to heal many more people around the world with their skin, hair, tooth, joint pain and internal immunity-related remedies using natural herbs and traditional Unani Persian practices.

Based out of New Delhi, it has a studio there and has already helped 12,000 Indian citizens across the country. Taaseer gained this initial traction by combining online and offline marketing techniques some of which include physical exhibitions and expos, popup shows, social media marketing, display ads and selling on e-commerce channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Qtrove, and Natty.


Besides that, Innayat is also collaborating with doctors, spas and salons for commercial packaging supply as well as crafting monthly and quarterly skin, hair and pain relief regime plan for end users which includes both external applications of products and exclusive food as part of the internal healing process.

We asked Innayat, how Taaseer’s products are different from others out there to which she replied, “We use unique traditional PersianrecipesandUnani practices that are secret to our family and nowhere else is found globally. All the products have shelf-life due to the non-presence of chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and thickeners. Moreover, we extract in-house cold compressed oils to maintain the high quality of our products.”


India has the world’s third-largest Muslim population at more than 150 million and presents huge market opportunities for halal-based entrepreneurs. Halal or ‘permitted’ in Arabic, defines the suitability of a particular product for consumption under Islamic law.

halal personal care product has the potential to attract non-Muslim consumers as well. While emphasizing their adherence to Islamic principles, companies can additionally promote their brand’s vegetarian, alcohol-free, safe and quality products, in turn appealing to a market base that is much broader and becoming increasingly health-conscious.

Innayat said,“Indian customers have a very different mindset. Our most challenging part was to mend their damaged trust in the natural range of products. As in the market, products like Patanjali did all the damages and were not at all beneficial for them. Customers are now scared to switch and trust.”



In the next 3 years, Innayat’s plans to heal many more people and create sustainable livelihood to at-least 1000 small self-help women groups. Her intent is in bringing these products with the best of Ancient Traditional knowledge, a pure naturally healed humanity and a healthier tomorrow.


Also, they plan to open Traditional Persian Healing centres in India. These centres will also offer daily, weekly and monthly regime one needs to follow from food to lifestyle improvements.

According to a report by India Briefing, The cosmetics and personal care industry is among the fastest-growing consumer products segment in India, throwing up huge opportunities for international companies. A market outlook report by the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) estimates that India’s grooming and cosmetic industry will grow to US$35 billion by 2035 from US$6.5 billion in 2017.


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