Subramanian Swamy

BJP MP and firebrand leader Subramanian Swamy has now up in arms against their own government. Questioning the government’s plan to introduce GST from July 1, Swamy said that it can prove to be very dangerous for the country, so it should be avoided till 2019.

Describing this move of the government as suicidal, Swamy said that if GST was implemented then it would prove to be Waterloo. After the recent report of the country’s economy, a decline in the rate of GDP, Swamy tweeted that he had already warned the Prime Minister about this. He said that the economy can still be improved.

Swamy tweeted “I had written a 16-page letter to Prime Minister Modi a month ago, in which I told him about 5 signals about the GDP and the decline in the economy. However, I believe that the economy can still be improved. ” In his second tweet, Swamy urged him to avoid GST and said that considering the financial condition of the present and the suggestions of West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra, GST should be postponed till 2019.

Swamy predicted about GST and said that if this is not avoided then it will prove to be Waterloo. Explaining that the invincible Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo. Former finance minister P Chidambaram while criticizing the Modi government on the fall in GDP said that I had predicted that the economy is declining since July. But instead of reforming it, the government decided to take the exceptionally silly decision to ban the note.


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