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How Bhuvam Bam Started BB Ki Vines


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You are young, you are an Indian and don’t watch BB Ki Vines, simply not possible! The sky is the limit for passionate people, such as the case with Bhuvan Bam, the Youtube star of the 21st century. We all do random stuff but some intelligent brains end up converting randomness into something valuable.

There are other YouTubes who rose to success like The Viral Fever. Their season series TVF Bachelors S1 also gained good video plays on YouTube. However, it is not as impressive as compared to Bam’s video from YouTube.

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Bhuvan Bam did the same, Bhuvan Bam is the sensation among youngsters. Experiencing great viewership and user engagement on his youtube channel BB Ki Vines, Bhuvan has become a celebrity. Each video reaches about more than a million unique views and a huge number of subscribers.

Bhuvan Bam was born on 21st Jan 1994, He did his schooling from Greenfields School, New Delhi and later on became a student of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, a constituent of University of Delhi.

Music Runs in Bhuvan’s Soul

Not everybody knows that a part of comedy thing, Bhuvan is a musician. A person who has a massive number of followers, who has gathered appreciation from more than 1.5 million fans on Facebook, once used to perform in restaurants. Entertaining people was the aim of his life.

His achievements are fast growing as he recently partnered up with AIB (All India Bakchod) which is a leading online entertainment channel. Stated above, apart from doing comedy, he is a musician by profession. Residing in New Delhi, he used to write songs and perform in the restaurant.

First Video by Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan’s first video was “The Chakhna Issue”  though ‘The Chakhna Issue’ didn’t gather many views when he uploaded it on his page, it gathered around 10-15 views but this thing couldn’t stop his journey and started moving on at a good pace.

“BB Ki Vines was the one thing that changed my life. I didn’t know what to do in life. However, I was performing music. BB Ki Vines was deep routed to me since school time. I was the entertainer of my class and loved cracking jokes and making people laugh. I didn’t expect that BB Ki Vines was to happen. It was so random.” says Bhuvan Bam.

“I was watching TV one day. A news reporter was covering the story where a son had been lost in a flood. He asked the mother some insensitive questions. Uske like maine ek video banaya and I put it on my FB page” says Bhuvan.

Success Never Come Easy Way

Do you think that it is just a matter of a day? Do you think that it is so easy to make videos and getting likes?

Nah, it isn’t. Bhuvan faced criticism at first from his own friends, at the initial level, his friends initially told him that all he makes is dramatic things and people won’t accept it.

Criticism failed to stop him and he continued making videos and uploaded them on Facebook. Getting 15 likes was an “Aww” moment for him.

The next one titled “I am Feeling Horny” crossed 15,000 views and went viral in Pakistan. This was the major changing point in his career.

Turning Point of Career

Now, that was the point when his career started taking a shape, positive responses boosted his confidence level and he started creating more videos and crossed 30,000 likes on Facebook within a week.

He likes to feature himself as multiple characters in his videos as he doesn’t want others to work with him and change his style of art.

Sorry Dad, Papa Maakichu, Mr Hola Returns, Examination Hutiyapa, Bancho Ka Break up, are the titles of his videos which are hilarious and show Bhuvan donning different avatars. Bam says most of his characters in the videos are inspired by people.

Reason Behind Choosing 18+ Jokes

In the world of social media, it is so easy to copy other’s content by doing minor changes and you simply can’t claim that you are the maker of that content.

The same thought came to Bhuvan’s mind so he came up with such jokes which have a very thin line and not everybody can handle it easily. Rating is available on his videos.

Bhuvan Bam Earnings (BB Ki Vines Channel Earnings)

bibi ki vines earnings
Estimations by Social Blade

The approximate earning from his YouTube channel BB Ki Vines (estimation by Social Blade) is between $10,000 to $173,600 monthly and $130,000 to $2,100,000 yearly.

Converted into Indian currency, the monthly earnings of Bhuvan Bam is between Rs 6,75,600 and Rs 1,17,28,416. That is close to Rs 1.25 crores a month. However, these are only estimations and we don’t claim that to be true.

His video which worked really well for him was “Papa Makichu” and the character which gathered a lot of appreciation was “Sameer Foodie”.

Controversies (Taher Shah Removes Bhuvan Video from YouTube)

Bhuvan shared a video in May 2016 requesting his fans and followers to inbox Taher Shah to withdraw a copyright claim against his video.

Taher Shah is a famous Pakistani artist. Bhuvan used his copyrighted music as a ringtone in one of his videos Papa Makichu without giving proper credits to him.

And, Mr Shah claimed to YouTube and the video was taken down. Bhuvan released a video requesting and apologizing to Mr Shah.

Bhuvan’s Ultimate Goal

Bhuvan’s ultimate goal is to make people laugh which he is doing with his videos. He is more focused towards making people smile because spreading smile is what he loves and want to do till his last breathe.

He currently makes videos on his own. Not a single video has been rented or outsourced. For private events, concerts and shows he is available when the video he shoots is on a pause.

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