Hiring isn’t an easy task but yes now it isn’t difficult at all with Instahyre. Great brains always come up with something that amazes people. Kudos to them for the ease they bring to this world. An inspiring story which is all set to convert into a success story is of Instahyre.

Hiring and job search has always been very inefficient in India. With so much of noise on existing platforms, it is very tedious for companies to hire the right talent. Existing platforms just put you in a sea of unqualified candidates resulting in a lot of work for recruiters.

What makes this worse is that even very qualified candidates miss out on their perfect jobs due to the inefficiency in this business. They started Instahyre to make the hiring process more efficient for both sides.

Instahyre has a sole founder in Aditya Rajgarhia. Aditya received a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. Their developers are from varied backgrounds.

They tend to hire people with good coding skills demonstrated through open source projects, as opposed to hiring based on degrees which reflect neither coding skills nor cultural fit.

Instahyre is a talent sourcing platform where the top 2% of the talent and companies meet each other. They make the hiring process simpler and faster.

Traditional platforms like LinkedIn and Naukri require a lot of effort to find the right candidates as the process of searching and reaching out to candidates through them is very cumbersome. Instahyre makes the recruiter’s life easy.

“We have built a matching engine which utilizes machine learning algorithms to provide a recruiter with a set of candidates who perfectly fit the job description and requirements”, says Aditya.

Another key advantage of Instahyre is the quality of candidates. For the last 2 years, Instahyre has been catering only to lateral talent from premier colleges such as the IITs and NITs, and they now have the largest pool of candidates who hail from these such institutes.

This is the reason why companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, Snapdeal etc. have been actively hiring through them. Instahyre believes in providing an unparalleled customer experience and hence a dedicated account manager is allotted to each company to help them get the most out of the platform.

They have a quick and easy process for a job seeker to create a profile on Instahyre. Their matching engine then also allows them to match candidates with just the jobs that are perfect for them.

They are funded but have not disclosed the amount. Their focus is less on funding and more on providing value to paying customers.

Market research is very important to ensure that the business is serving the right needs of customers and to grow the business to new avenues.

The best way to do it is to talk to existing customers to get an understanding of their needs. They also constantly keep an eye out on industry news. Other than that, every industry has various data sources that can be used for research.

Initially, they met startups based in Delhi itself and signed them up to use Instahyre. After that, referrals from both existing customers as well as candidates hired through them have lead to the majority of new customers.

“Our aim at Instahyre is very simple. It is to create a superior product which gives our customers an experience that no one else can provide”says Aditya.

This automatically attracts good companies to join Instahyre and hire through their platform. The ease and pace with which they hire through their platform make them advocates of their service.

They conduct very minimal marketing, and even that was something they started very recently since they now have a lot of data relevant to the industry, having been around for a couple of years.

They generate some great content which includes industry insights, HR trends, analysis of industry reports, writing about new HR trends, etc. and they share it with their customers. Backing their great product with some really valuable content to help their customers is their marketing strategy.

Instahyre has primarily focussed on providing premium talent to technology companies. They are currently catering to all the sectors right from cab aggregators to e-commerce companies to travel portals, with companies as large as Amazon and Reliance, and as small as new startups with just the co-founders.

They are planning to soon cater to other domains such as IT services, analytics, consulting, media, and more. They also plan to launch Instahyre in other countries.

The revenue and sales are confidential but substantial, and they have over 400 verified, top tech companies signed up on their platform who are hiring actively through them as paid customers. They are currently targeting doubling the number of customers every quarter.

This startup has set up a goal of expanding globally, they know the point where they want to reach. Doubtlessly, there is a promising future for Instahyre.


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