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New Delhi, September 21, 2017

In two years, the company has tripled its turnover, has increased workforce, opened branches and has established itself in sectors such as Remittances, Private Jets, Medical Travel and Wire Transfers, and Foreign Exchange

Quick Forex increases its turnover by 55.4%. The company plans to strengthen its international presence by opening offices in the UK by 2018 and US by 2019. It expects to increase its turnover by 77.5% for 2019.

Quick Forex is one of the rising pillars in the Forex Market with the diversification of process into new sectors beyond the currency industry being particularly relevant the field of Medical Tourism, Remittances, Foreign and Luxury Travel.

Quick Forex, the currency specialized brought in various travel services in form of packages and products with high added value for the sectors of foreign education, wire transfers, luxury travel, and forex, of course, has increased its turnover, representing a growth of 55.4% over the previous year.

In the words of Yash Sharma, CEO, Quick Forex: “We are extremely pleased with the strong growth experienced by the company considering the demonetization faced by the entire country. In two years span, we have managed to triple our turnover and expand our workforce from 5 employees in 2015 to 80 in 2017.”

Quick Forex despite facing hurdles of demonetization and likes still managed to have such growth rate and expansion of the company. Also, their customer feedbacks have been the most motivating factor, plus the best part is the faith and reliability they have gained in such a short time span.

As Sharma quotes, “Quick Forex has established itself in the currency market with reference to its presence in sectors such as Personal Travel, Business Travel, Private Jets, Remittances, Education, Emigration, Employment, Medical, etc. through simple and convenient use of any Digital Platform globally.”

Since inception, the company has worked for about 25000 customers.

The company will sooner expand its branches for more enhanced services to some of the major Indian cities like Ludhiana, Mumbai and Kolkata. The continual growth of the company is a proof of genuine efforts coming up from both sides, administration and employees.

The company dedicates an important effort in R&D. Its business model is based on making great investments to create and implement strategic solutions that would result in quick and easy access to foreign exchange and related solutions, with the goal of creating standards to offer them to customers and maintaining leadership.

Quick Forex has an extensive know-how in the currency market, and it’s one of the few authorized dealers by the Reserve Bank of India, in India.

With the vision to provide superior quality online Foreign exchange services globally; to further accentuate their keen interest in complete customer satisfaction; this platform aims at enabling its customers, whether individuals or corporates, SME’s to MNC’s, to obtain

Foreign exchange in the quickest way and at the cheapest rates possible with its minute-to-minute update of currency rates and doorstep delivery.

Looking ahead to 2018, Quick Forex plans to expand in UK and US, this increase will be closely related to the substantial growth of Quick Forex in the field of Travel and Tourism.

In this area, the company has an extensive marketing knowledge to position itself as a key partner of the most important companies in the sector worldwide.

The newly opened branches of Quick Forex around the world.

Their upcoming branches in PAN India and the other part of the world strengthens their capabilities in this field, which also gives them the expected turnover of 500K Crore in the coming year around in PAN India and 3000 Crore with outbound offices.


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