This startup NYBACS is helping others incorporate business overseas 5Ever thought of setting up your business overseas? I did.

I am sure many budding entrepreneurs have a dream to expand to the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc.

But there are a lot of questions to answer.

Do you have enough resources to do that? Do you physically need to visit those countries to expand? Do you need Visa, licenses, and approvals? Do you need contacts?

This startup NYBACS is helping others incorporate business overseas 6

To help entrepreneurs and business owners with this exact problem, Mukund Srinivas and Sreevathsa. S founded NYBACS.

New York Business Advisory and Corporate Services Inc. (NYBACS), a four-year-old startup founded in 2017, provides market-entry solutions to budding and established entrepreneurs.

It aims to help startups through business incorporation (company formation) in the United States and other countries like the United Kingdom, UAE, Singapore, Australia, and Canada.

NYBACS not only makes your business legally compliant but complete in terms of a business sense including physical business address, local incoming phone number, local registered agent, business bank account, and more.

The bootstrapped startup is located in the heart of business i.e the Wall Street. Mukund strategically chose to set his office in New York as it is a global business hub and a lot of startups emerge out of Wall Street.

Mukund says, “Our service is different in the sense we provide a complete business sense to our clients’ business entities instead of just plain legal compliance. Also, we offer “work first pay later” which nobody else in the market offers. The ideation started long back, 10 years to be precise. At that time, when I tried to incorporate a company in US, I lost $1000 on an incorporation service run by a fly-by-night operator, which also propelled me to adopt “work-first-pay-later” concept for our company. Alo speaking with many startups over the past few years made me realize that there is a big gap in this business which made me set up this company.”

The startup has helped incorporate 100s to entrepreneurs and startups to incorporate their business entities across the US, UAE, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore since its inception. Their US Biz Incorporation package costs $999 and pricing for other countries is provided on a case-by-case basis.

Sreevathsa says,‘Work first and pay next’ model has been our USP and a key differentiating factor from our competitors. This has helped our prospects gain confidence in us as they have zero risks. This has also given us a sustainable competitive advantage over a long period of time.”

Business consulting (especially overseas consultation) is a very scattered market with hundreds of players. NYBACS has grown at a rate of 40% CAGR over the past three years. NYBACS has also now teamed up with an international player and offering forex advisory and factoring services.

You may get in touch with Sreevathsa at +919538354381 for further information.


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