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One of the toughest decisions in life is the choice to quit a corporate job and plan your own startup. Bravery, decision making, positivity and clear vision are necessary to achieve what you want in life. Nidhi Batra shares a similar storyline of her journey to a successful women entrepreneur.

Nirvana Excursions is a young and enthusiastic travel startup specializing in unique travel experiences and customized solutions for discerning travelers.  Nirvana caters both budget and luxury travelers, providing a host of travel-related services, backed by an enthusiastic team and an ever-growing home agent base across the country.

Nirvana Excursions offers pre-packaged & customized tours, along with fixed – departure, escorted group tours, to any destination in the world. Their services include flight & hotel bookings, visa & passport services, sightseeing & transfers and car rentals.

Providing the best rates, up-to-date information, and prompt & personalized service is a result of strong ties with International Destination Management companies.

Nidhi Batra and Viren Batra launched the startup back in 2013. Nidhi belongs to a well-settled family and was involved in the family business. Despite being in the construction and hospitality sector, she was passionate about traveling and so was her husband Viren.

“I would travel with Viren all the time, and we realized that the travel companies do not put a lot of thought into the research they do. There are so many problems that we faced as travelers, and we wanted to solve the problem for all,” says Nidhi, the co-founder.

Often said that passion has the ability to move people beyond their abilities and limitations, to achieve something that’s a lot greater and infinitely more rewarding.

That is exactly what happened with Nidhi Batra! Having completed her Masters in International Journalism from Cardiff University, Wales (UK), Nidhi started working at NDTV as a television producer. After a couple of years in the media industry, Nidhi’s desire to explore the world beyond media led her to quit her media career.

And enter her family business of construction, where she headed the marketing department and was instrumental in introducing fresh insights and ideas into the business. At the same time, her interest in the hospitality industry led her to start her own restaurant.

But throughout this entire journey,  travel remained Nidhi’s major passion. So, along with her husband, Viren Batra, who was also a major travel buff, she started Nirvana Excursions.

An idea that was born when the couple was traveling through the mountains of Spain, firmly took root till it finally materialized into Nirvana. Initially dealing primarily with customized and out-of-the-box tours, today Nirvana caters to both luxury and budget travelers from around the world.

“Our primary aim was to enable everybody to travel wherever they wished, so why should it be restricted to only those who were ready to shell out an exorbitant amount,” said Nidhi.

That’s when they decided to introduce the concept of customised travel, within a budget. So when they start to plan someone’s travel, the entire team has a good chat with them about their budget and other requirements, and then provides as many options as possible, keeping the budget specifications in mind.

Today, being a mom, Nidhi is still the avid traveler that she was, and has a one-year-old  who already seems ready to surpass her, with 11 trips to various countries. “He travels with me everywhere, be it for work or fun.”

Post the baby, Nidhi decided to offer kid-friendly itineraries to families who were not sure which destination would make their kids happy souls. So the last one year has been all about planning some beautiful itineraries for the tiny tots, incorporating the every convenience, enjoyment and comfort for the little ones.

Nirvana Excursions is a group of young and enthusiastic travel experts who have traveled the world, and plan every itinerary from their personal experience. In the near future, they will also be launching their group travels, which will cater to all age groups and preferences.

“Growing up, I realized I was inclined to cook and trying my hand at kitchen jobs because it was never a norm for me to know jobs around the house!” Nidhi remembers. The founder was raised in the family like her brother, and she believes that has helped her a lot.

“The men in my family have treated me as equal. I have never come across any male relative who looked down on my career or told me to give it a back seat,” she adds happily. She advises all fathers, brothers, and husbands to support the women in their family.

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Nidhi too finds it difficult to pursue her hobbies. “I love cooking but I don’t get the time to do much of it. And meeting friends is almost impossible a lot of times, but I shuffle things around and squeeze time for it,” she adds.

As a message for future female entrepreneurs, Nidhi says, “You are not less than anyone out there. Half your success is already achieved once you have decided to go for it.”


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