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Wamika Iyer, founder of, raised allegations including harassment & misconduct on Seedfund founder Mahesh Murthy, who is a renowned investor.  And the NEWS spread like an epidemic on the internet.

Media giants like YourStory and Asian Age asked for Mahesh’s comment over email. Holding responsibility of a sincere citizen against serious offenses, Mr. Murthy has decided to speak.

“First, and I do want to say this. I have never met any of the three ladies in person, ever. In fact, I believe one of them wasn’t even a real person. So read on to hear of my infamous criminal tendencies in the online world,” says Mahesh Murthy.

For those of you late to the party, here’s a quick brief. On Saturday, entrepreneur Pooja Chauhan, who is the co-founder of Vayuz, posted on her LinkedIn page saying she finally gathered the courage to make public a lewd message from Murthy as a response to her Christmas greetings. Another entrepreneur, Wamika Iyer, Founder of, too shared her conversation with Murthy that had made her uncomfortable because of its implicit sexual nature.

The allegations were a result of evil minds of the three ladies, claims Mahesh.

Mahesh Murthy has openly spoken about the serious allegations through a post on Medium.

The confessions of a serial offender.

Seema, a lady lawyer asked for a funding of ₹2 crores from Mahesh which he politely denied. And he has the right to do so. Things began to change then. All the allegations were a result of the rejection.

Similarly, Wamika and Pooja share the same story. Refusal for funds led to what happened next. Many names are now in focus including Shibam Sarbswa and

“My lawyer and I then hold up the two contrasting submissions to the judge, each made two weeks apart: one saying she wants to marry me, the other saying she married me 10 years ago. And we request the lady judge to not just throw her case out — but we also accuse Seema of perjury and ask the judge to get her debarred from the bar council. Seema is a lawyer, after all,” says Mahesh speaking of Seema.

He also speaks about the mental harassment through which he went during a period of 10 years. There are several screenshots attached in his blog for reference.

He adds speaking of Supriya, “In November 2015 I get a business plan for some b2b business called, founded by two gentlemen, Shibam Sarbswa and Abhishek Srivastava. It doesn’t mean much to me, as Seedfund had stopped making new investments by then, and it didn’t appeal to me as an angel investor. So I didn’t respond. But I did vaguely take note of the name “A2Zee”. 6 months after the plan is mailed and not acted upon, a lady called Supriya Sahoo from the same A2Zee starts chatting with me on Facebook. I notice a few weird things about her profile. First, it has a Barbie doll as her DP.”

Some More Conversations

Then she asked if we could keep in touch. I said sure.

Mahesh Murthy Speaks Over Allegations Of Misconduct 1
One of many late-night conversations

She did keep in touch.

Apparently I had then given a speech someplace where she was in the audience.

She acknowledged again our earlier conclusion that her business wasn’t investment-ready.

Then the conversation moved to other topics.

How I managed social media.

When there was so much going on at the companies.

How did I manage to be so active online.

Mahesh Murthy Speaks Over Allegations Of Misconduct 2

How I liked to travel.

And where I liked to travel to.

That I dropped out of college.

And said so on my profile.

And so on.

Mahesh Murthy Speaks Over Allegations Of Misconduct 3
…and another

Then because LinkedIn doesn’t quite have great notifications, we moved the conversation to WhatsApp.

Where we continued chatting, and not about business either.

And not about any mentoring either.

By now I got the sense we had moved far from a business conversation, and we were more like two adults talking about anything under the sun.

And then it seemed to me that there was no business connect, but rather there was a personal connect.

And perhaps I was wrong here, in retrospect.

And in one of those WhatsApp conversations the lady posted elsewhere, she told me, for the first time, that she did not appreciate personal comments.

I accepted it at her word. And ended that right away, on the spot.

There was no other conversation thereafter.

Until something strange happened in May 2016.

Mahesh Murthy Speaks Over Allegations Of Misconduct 4
Wamika’s partner’s untruthful message.

I noticed that her partner / boss Vishal Nadar, who had been quiet so far, suddenly started posting messages to, of all the people, Seema, who is mentioned earlier, and who had, about 7 years earlier, left messages at various places around the internet claiming to be my wife.

Here he claimed, entirely falsely that his colleague “Went in to pitch a startup” at the firm and “I was making sexually harassing her”.

To repeat, I’ve never met either of the team in person. They’ve never come to pitch to me in person at any time, anywhere.

And I don’t believe (of course, you might judge differently) that I harassed her or her partner in any way.

Yes, I was perhaps over-casual or over-familiar, by her estimation, once. On chat. And I stopped it the very first time she told me it wasn’t welcome.

That was when all the conversation on this front ended. Till yesterday. When, a year after it happened, it flared up again.

But before yesterday, let’s talk about the day before. Just a little more, bear with me. And you’ve been valiant to trudge with me this far.

We ensure our readers to dig into the matter more and find conclusions to the whole story. However, Mr. Murthy’s post clearly states that all these blames are mere allegations and had no truth inside.