Kodorra is a 21st-century tool for budding 21st-century entrepreneurs. We live at a time where e-learning is increasingly used by businesses as an innovative way of upskilling their workforce and by budding entrepreneurs to know where to start on their business journey. This trend is continuing at an accelerated rate and shows no signs of slowing in the medium to long-term.

However while most e-learning sites meet this increased demand from the world of business for online learning by offering the same resources, Kodorra is unique in that it offers users a specialised, expertise-driven and experienced led education from award-winning entrepreneur Melvin Wong who knows just what it takes to make it as a successful entrepreneur in the modern age.

Kodorra.com is unique because it is real, in the sense that it is firmly based upon the founder ’s proven track record when it comes to starting and growing a business. It teaches users how to start, grow, promote and eventually profit or exit from their businesses.

The site itself utilizes a subscription-based business model, offering easy to navigate and unlimited access to a variety of online courses tailored to fit the requirements of modern entrepreneurs. Updated weekly, these wide-ranging courses cover subjects from as elementary as finding the right business name to using WhatsApp and blockchain for business and beyond.

Melvin Wong started Kodorra with the aim of helping business people navigate the many challenges he had to overcome when starting up his own business. Like many entrepreneurs, he had to find a way of making his business work without any state funding, thus surviving via a credit card and initial capital of just $3,000.

Due to his sound business acumen, Melvin managed to defy the odds and saw his fledgeling business turn a profit in its first year. He did this with hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit to roll up his sleeves and turn his hand to everything from marketing and sales to coding and customer support.

As a result of his efforts, his business went on to employ 100 people from 16 countries and won numerous business awards and accolades. Eventually, the business was acquired in 2016 with Melvin going on to share his skills and experience with over 11,000 students on Udemy and mentoring start-ups at AngelHack and The South Bay Entrepreneurial Center in Los Angeles.

With video tutorials and the ability to evolve in real time with the ever-evolving business world, Kodorra is unique from its competitors in that it remains relevant by ensuring that it’s updated to reflect current business trends such as its latest WhatsApp course for example. With easy to understand plain English as its main language, Kodorra is accessible internationally reflecting a globalised business world and offers Melvin’s experienced driven e-learning at a reasonable cost to its subscribers.

Like many entrepreneurs, Melvin went through mishaps and overcame obstacles on his way to success but on the website, users receive his sage advice on how to avoid such setbacks en route to success. And for those still doubting the credibility of this unique e-learning resource, just read its many positive testimonials.


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