When your business is still in the starting up process, you’re naturally always on the hunt for ways to build your business up from the ground; you wouldn’t want to stay small the whole time. There are so many proven ways for you to do this, but one of the most constant and relevant has to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without a doubt, SEO is an integral part of pushing your startup business ahead of your competition.

Unfortunately, many businesses still take SEO for granted. They indulge themselves too much on other methods that they forget the effectiveness of SEO. You can look up to Piloto Asia for some guidance. This fact is even surprising as SEO can be quite a low-cost means for growth, despite how it’s also still one of the most effective.

To convince you that SEO is beneficial for your startup business, here’s how it’s geared towards success:

Delivers Customer Behavior Data

Information is king. When you’ve got data coming on your hands, then you know how and where to base marketing decisions in order to optimize your entire business processes for growth.

Here are other good reasons why customer behavior data is vital for businesses to have:

  • Helps your startup business improve on your customer service
  • Enables your business to make better-informed decisions
  • Helps your startup business to create better products
  • Creates a competitive advantage against other businesses
  • Leads to higher conversions

When you’re first starting in business, naturally, you don’t have a lot of customer data, yet. But, SEO helps you accumulate this over time through the metrics and analytics that it has in place.

SEO can help you achieve this by bringing in data that you otherwise wouldn’t have. The more SEO research your startup business makes, the more data you’ll also have about what customers are searching for.

For starters, you may not be well versed in SEO techniques and strategies. But, fret now, because you only need to find the best SEO agencies to help you apply SEO techniques for your website.

Helps You Create A More User-Friendly Website

Even startup businesses today are on the clamor to create business websites. After all, digital marketing is seen to be more effective than ever. As a startup business, you may also be at a loss as to how to create a user-friendly website. Thankfully, SEO can you out.

When you apply specific SEO strategies, then you’re able to create a site that your potential customers will be happy visiting.

Here’s how SEO enables you to create a user-friendly website:

  • Build a website that’s also equipped for mobile phones’ interface
  • Ask and listen to what your users or website visitors are asking
  • Keep the navigation on your site simple and fuss-free
  • Take note of the page loading speed so as not to keep your visitors waiting
  • By using simple website names, you make it easy for potential visitors to search your site.

Drives Traffic In And More Conversions

When you’re just a business that’s still starting up, you’ll need to drive more traffic in, which could lead to more conversions. By traffic, this means increasing the number of visitors that go on your site. As to conversions, this refers to the clients that don’t just visit your website, but they’re also positively converted into paying and loyal customers.

That said, here’s why website traffic is important:

  • Enables you to reach your business goals faster, especially for businesses like yours that are still starting up
  • Increases the opportunity of success for your startup
  • Assists you in finding and reaching out to new customers, for you to reach your business goals faster

Your website is able to achieve this through SEO because you’re up-to-date with the standards that Google, or any search engine, demands from websites.

Enables You To Explore New Markets

Exploring new markets means going beyond what you’ve already set as your target market. Perhaps your current target market isn’t enough for your startup to grow. It could even be the case that your current target market doesn’t match with that of the business niche that you belong to.

With the World Wide Web being one of the fastest-growing markets, there’s so much possibility for you to reach and target new markets. That way, with the help of SEO, your startup business is inherently expanding and exploring new economies as well.

Helps Startups Make Informed Decisions

When you’re a business that’s still starting up, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Else, one wrong decision can ultimately lead to business failure. For a company that’s still starting up, this is the very last thing that you’d like to happen; there’s just so much at stake for you, being that you’re still in the startup phase. Luckily, with SEO, you have the ability to make more informed decisions.

For instance, SEO can help you better understand customer behavior. This information is also critical for you to come up with other critical decisions. For example, your launch becomes more successful. Also, your business grows better.

Builds Brand Awareness

As a startup business, it’s natural that not many have heard of or are aware of your brand. Perhaps many may have heard of your existence, but they’re still doubtful as to whether or not you’re worth the try. All thanks to SEO, you can significantly improve your brand awareness.

This is achieved through your website ranking better because of passing the metrics set by SEO. In other words, when you rank well, you become a reputable source. Hence, you’re also fostering a more substantial level of trust with current and would-be customers.

That said, here are sneaky ways that SEO enables your startup to build brand awareness:

  • With SEO techniques, you’re posting nothing less than impressive content on your site
  • SEO techniques also encourage affiliate marketing, whereby you can reach out to influencers who can talk about, market, or display your products and services
  • SEO techniques also set the standards as to how your startup business can create more effective Infographics for your website


Small businesses can benefit in so many ways from SEO. In fact, this list comprises only a few.

As you start to make changes in your business to account for SEO practices, you’ll discover more advantages that it can bring for your startup. SEO is indeed one of the essential facets of business growth.


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