How Custom Tees & Merchandise can Benefit your Business

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As you consider this question, take a moment to think. Think Visibility. Think cost effectiveness. Think wide-reaching. Think engaging. When it comes to business, marketing is everything. People actually say that marketing is the soul of business.

When it comes to marketing, the aforementioned thoughts constitute a lethal combination when put together. These are just a few of the things that wearable merchandise such as caps, wristbands, t-shirts and the like can do. Let’s take a look in more detail at how custom tees can be of benefit to your business.

Think Visibility

A person wearing a T-shirt that has your branding on it can somehow be compared to a motor vehicle. Every vehicle has the manufacturer’s logo on it and everywhere it goes, people see it, learn it and it gets imprinted on their minds. This is the same kind of visibility afforded by custom tees. People wearing them are like walking billboards. There is research that shows that the average tee is seen about 2,555 times. T-shirts are much more visible than branded pens or mugs, for instance. Every sane businessperson would be interested in this kind of visibility that is created so cheaply and effortlessly.

Think Wide Reach

When you distribute custom tees, your message goes to every single place that the wearers of your T-shirts go, which could be anywhere and everywhere, and you do not even cough out a single cent for these broadcasts.

Think Cost Effectiveness

Compared to other methods of advertising, for example, television and billboards, custom made tees are relatively cheap. This is especially true when batch screen printing is opted for. There are different methods of printing on tees – for example, sublimation and heat transfer – but screen printing is the cheapest. There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing a company to do your screen printing, and a major one that everyone should consider before doing anything else. Check it out!

Once you have your design ready, you will only need to pay for the screen once, and then you purchase the T-shirts and print in bulk to take advantage of the economies of scale. After printing the first set, all you will need to recurrently pay for during subsequent orders will be the cost of the T-shirt and the low price of printing each T-shirt.

Think Engaging

Custom tees are excellent conversation starters. They catch people’s’ eyes, raise curiosity and many times people will want to know more about the company on the tee and will ask about it. There is an example cited about a man who owned a digital marketing company and produced some customized tees for his company. Every time he wore the T-shirt, people inquired about his company. He used such opportunities to make sales pitches for his brand and distribute business cards. He ended up with around five hundred thousand dollars worth of revenue, undoubtedly nothing near what he spent on making the tees.

Think Profitable Gifts, Rewards or Prizes

Human beings are naturally attracted to free things. Custom made tees are the kind of gifts that are given with many strings attached. Look around and you will realize that the free t-shirts that companies give away are not really free. The people that receive them end up unintentionally promoting the company for free and the company gets much, much more in terms of returns than the amount that they invested in the tees.

Giving T-shirts to your clients helps to promote their loyalty to you thus strengthening your customer base. It makes them feel important and appreciated. Generating brand loyalty may be a difficult thing and tees can really assist in keeping your company in the minds of your customers.

Whenever you hold contests or competitions, you can give out T-shirts as prizes thus increasing the number of walking billboards that you previously had. You can also get your customers to do something for your business, for example, answer a questionnaire and then reward them with some of your free custom tees.

Think Longevity

T-shirts last for quite some time and so you can project that through them, your business will be advertised for the next five years or so. Other methods of marketing can be pretty short-lived like business cards, branded pens, branded cups and so on.

Think Better Business Performance

Designing custom tees for your business team will ultimately lead to better performance. This is because wearing some sort of uniform will help to increase team cohesion, which results in greater productivity. It also improves individual performance as it helps to increase job satisfaction, increase self-confidence and enhance credibility. The tees will also give your company or business a sense of professionalism over and above making you look good – depending on your chosen design. They also help to promote your company’s culture.

Creditsafe is one company that believes that employee engagement enhances the success of the company. On their twentieth anniversary, they took their staff on holiday, gave them free T-shirts and had them pose for a group photograph.

Think Practicality

I am yet to meet somebody who does not own or has never owned a T-shirt. It has been discovered that ninety-five per cent of Americans wear T-shirts. That is a humongous advertising base to target.

Think Extra Income

You can also opt to sell your tees and this will constitute an added income stream for your business.


Custom tees have a three-prong effect in that they help you to re-invest in your business, invest in your clients and invest in your employees all at once. More than ten years ago, many large companies started using custom tees once they realized the great positive impact that they had on their marketing.

Years later, many companies – both large and small – are still employing the same strategy. If there was nothing in it, it would have died off by now. It may be old-fashioned, it may be cliché, but it has been proven and it works. Should your company offer wearable merchandise? After reading this, the answer should be a no-brainer. Do not forget to send me one.


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