Go against the flow of wind! that’s what every entrepreneur does, they never hesitate to take a chance. Not everybody possess this quality after all taking risk isn’t easy but daring one’s dream of it put in their efforts and bring it on. Such a success story is taking shape in the form of Clone Futura. Let’s dive deeper into its tale.

Vidushi Daga observed that people above 45 were falling into the trap of the ‘generation gap’ as youngsters were almost intuitively better with technology. She realized this gap when she discovered that her aunt was struggling with her newly-purchased phone. Her frequent queries wouldn’t get solved even after repeatedly requesting her son.

Additionally, when she saw her own son on the iPad playing games and spending hours on social media, she decided that she wanted him to be innovative and productive. She asked around and found out that it was a huge problem for all the moms. Children need good guidance to deal with the onslaught of overexposure to technology.

Homemakers are not necessarily trained to teach their kids about the use of technology. Hence, she decided to find a way to solve this problem. She began hiring youngsters to learn with her and then teach children and senior citizens at their doorstep. That is how Clone Futura was born.

She asked around and found out that it was a huge problem for all the moms. Children need good guidance to deal with the onslaught of overexposure to technology. Homemakers are not necessarily trained to teach their kids about the use of technology.

Hence, she decided to find a way to solve this problem. She began hiring youngsters to learn with her and then teach children and senior citizens at their doorstep. That is how Clone Futura was born.

Like every other student, her childhood was also very simple. She was a wonderful child, surrounded by a large family and many friends. Academically she was an all-rounder; be it sports, studies, art and culture etc. In all the activities she was very ambitious and a topper in school.

She used to be very focused in all my activities but she used to have my set of innocent childhood fun too. Post her school life in her college life also she was a proactive and far-sighted enthusiast, an idealist, an ambitious visionary.She used to participate in various inter-school competitions.

“I believe the key qualities that have made me successful in college and in real life are exceptional leadership qualities, dynamism, the courage of conviction and unwavering commitment to excellence. Apart from all this today whatever I am I owe it to my mother. She is the real hero behind shaping my personality”, says Vidushi

She started her career at 14 when there was an opportunity to become a member of a new MLM in the markets like Amway & Oriflame. Then she started buying from wholesalers and selling them in exhibitions where she earned good profits! The desire to start earning and fund her own studies helped her to get into the business. She has spent 14 years in the BSE.

Nimble fingers and quick reflexes were required to sustain the same. So her grandfather, Mr. Makhanlal Damani, initiated her into this life. She discovered that she was pretty good at arbitrage and so the BSE granted her the title of Queen of Arbitrage in 2002. She spent 14 years in the stock market where she learnt how to make it big, and at the same time, play safe.

During that time, she did not take pocket money from her parents and she also bought her own car which made her really happy with her achievements!

Clone Futura is a technology training institute offers onsite customized training and support service in Computer, iPad and Smartphones to people of all age groups – kids, women, and senior citizens at their residence or workplace. The institute’s objective is to make every individual digitally literate; this is in keeping with PM Narendra Modi’s dream of Transforming India Digitally.

Clone Futura is a growing movement, which has empowered over 58,000+ citizens within a span of 3 years. They cater to technological needs of kids, women and seniors; transforming their lives.

Technology is growing and people may feel handicapped due to their inability to cope with rapid changes in technology. So, they invented new ways of training them in technology and making them constructive in a simple and fast manner!

They cater to a vast audience space which includes people from all age groups. To be specific their target audience starts from kids Age 5 TO 18 years, women who are 35+ and senior citizens. They also cater to schools as well as government organisations

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Unlike other modules they have a unique structure that we follow. They give their customers Simple & Fast Tech Courses at the comfort of the home or workplace. This is the key USP because they cater to a diversified age group. Some of them cannot travel, some are even bedridden. So they see to it that they can be taught within their comfort zone. Not only for their students but they also create online video manuals for their teachers with automated assessment and certifications. Apart from that they also have Automated Systems & Processes for Trainers. (In other words, you can say that they have uberized their trainers)

They also focus on giving simple & Fast Tech Courses for Kids, Women & Seniors in the comfort of their home, Training Kids to be Productive & Innovative Online, Training Women to start their own business & sell online, Training with Seniors to bridge the digital divide & generation gap by empowering them with current tech scenario, Customized Training for Principals, Teachers & Students as per their need & requirements.

They are bootstrapping and the company’s revenue is being used for funding the growth of Clone Futura. They have not received any investments from VC or Investors.

Now that their system and processes are ready they can take off with a full proof Marketing Plan. Since the entire Process is Automated Thus, Clone Futura becomes infinitely expandable. Now they would like to be connected with Venture Capitalists & Accelerators!

From all of the experience that she has had right from the evolution of Clone future, the best method that has proven worthy is “Word of mouth”.  Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Well, that’s true, as long as you create exceptionally happy customers, word of mouth will act as a key customer acquisition tool for you.

They endeavour to always be the market leaders, by bringing forth to our customers the latest, the most innovative and the best available technologies training, products and services.

“We shall always measure our success on the basis of our customers’ satisfaction & training quality. The Core Marketing Team comprises of 8 people. Yes! We are looking to expand aggressively Pan India”, says Vidushi Daga

They do lots of seminars and offer customer full refund policy whenever they are unsatisfied. This builds up a momentum of trust.

Quality training is the only key to success keeping this in mind they move ahead. Their online competition Whizjuniors.com has reached all parts of India. Soon CloneFutura will reach all over too.

India holds an important place in the global education industry. The country has more than 1.4 million schools with over 227 million students enrolled and more than 36,000 higher education institutes. India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world. However, there is still a lot of potential for further development in the education system.

India has become the second largest market for e-learning after the US. The sector is currently pegged at US$ 2-3 billion and is expected to touch US$ 40 billion by 2017.

Entrepreneurship is hard, for men and women alike. Lack of strong mentorship, struggle with finance and funding, finding the right talent, scaling up and turning it profitable etc. are some challenge. These challenges are heightened further if you are a woman—stereotyping and responsibilities at home, social circle etc. She had been really fortunate and did not face much of a challenge while setting up of Clone Futura.

Vidushi says, “I have been really grateful to be blessed with a supportive family. My husband has been my real strength and he has also been managing the backend operation of Clone Futura. This has given me a chance to completely focus on the business strategy and business development”

They have seen the success of Clone Futura in Mumbai and have also initiated pilot projects in different regions of the country. They are planning to expand and open a home based center in every corner of India mostly by December 2016. Additionally, we

Additionally, they are also looking at expanding the team of trainers from 4000 to 6000 people in the next 2 years. They aim to double the revenue from 10 million to 30 million in the next one year.


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