PM Modi said that in 2022, the country’s independence is going to be 75 years long from now. We have to decide how to make this country. We have to make our roadmap right now.

Modi said that a person does crime only when he feels that someone is going to save him. It’s my complete confidence that the 1 July 2017 will bring a new turn in the history of the economy of India.

Tax Returns will Benefit the Country

PM Modi said that in the goodness of the country, I understand that there is a tax return. This gives the benefit to the poor, the students get the money.

The money earned from tax supports the brave soldiers standing on the border. This money helps in spreading electricity to those areas which were in darkness for 70 years.

Chartered Accountants have to be honest

PM Modi said that people invest in a company believing and relying on the company’s audit. CA should not let this trust break down. He said that I invite you to join this celebration of honesty.

PM Modi said that the power that is in the signature of the chartered accountants is not even in the signature of the Prime Minister of the country. The whole country believes in the signature of CA.

One Nation, One Tax, One Market

PM Modi said that GST will fulfil the dream of one nation, one tax, one market. And for that, the most important role will be of the chartered accountants.

Just as the lawyers contributed in the country’s independence, similarly the army of the Chartered Accountants will contribute to the economy of the country.

CAs are country’s hope

Modi said that the great men of the country left their advocacy and contributed to the movement of freedom.

He said that the right atmosphere of honest taxation in the country should be prepared. CAs can work in this direction. He said that in the last 11 years only 25 CAs has committed wrong.

Rein on Tax Evasions

PM Modi said that 2 crores 18 lakh people from India went abroad for tourism. PM Modi said that there are only 32 lakh people who earn more than Rs 10 lakh annually. These figures are not reliable in themselves.

This number is not so much in this country because millions of vehicles are purchased in the country, millions of plush houses are purchased. People do not pay taxes.

PM Modi said that we have identified over 37 thousand shell companies which used to hide the black money. He said that the loss of these fake companies would definitely be a loss to some political parties.


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