Need of one cab and so many apps! What to do? When you think of going out the first thing comes to your mind is of booking a cab but you often get confused which cab to go with, moreover, of course, who doesn’t want to save bucks? You want to book a cab at pocket-friendly rates.

Kudos to the amazing startup Zapplon which has solved this problem for you.

Single app and you have everything! Now you don’t need to download multiple apps to book your cabs. You just need Zapplon.

When Did it Start?

Zapplon got started in March 2016 by Ishan Relan, Apoorv Arora and Shiwang Suraj, Zapplon is a Meta travel aggregator platform used for booking Radio Taxi, Tour Taxi and Self Drive Cars from multiple operators/vendors on one platform.

The taxi market is a $13 billion market in India, growing at more than 30% month on month. The opportunity in this Industry are immense with new players emerging every day in segments like Radio Taxi, Tourist taxi, Self Drive and Ride share cab service . Zapplon provides these services on its platform.

What Gave Birth to the Idea?

It is often said that people with similar (better or worse) experiences can come together and build on new ideas and strategies. Well, that was a perfect testament to superimpose Zapplon. Ishan and Shiwang and Apoorv had faced the peak rates of cabs very sickening (like every other Indian) and decided to build a model that would galvanize all these problems and then would banter them out by perfect solutions.

Glance at Founders life

While Ishan has done a from VIT and MBA from LBS, he has also worked at Marsh and Mclenan group of companies.  Apporv Arora holds a degree from NSIT prior to working in Zomato. Last but not the least, Shiwang Suraj holds an MBA degree from IIPM and has worked with the lights of DMAC Dubai and Knight Frank.

Zapplon’s Way of Doing Things

The splendid startup lists information to compare the estimated times of arrival, time assortments cabs from several cab services like Ola, uber, Easy cabs, jugnoo) in just a single screen portal. They got in touch with as many as cab users they could, to validate the concept and feasibility of the project. The trio launched the beta and soon hit the milestone of first 5000 users.

Revenue Model

The working and model of Zapplon is super easy to comprehend. The aggregators of taxis in India earns revenue for every transaction that it facilitates through its platform. While the commission percentage varies from player to player, it is normally poised at around 2 to 5 percent Adding to the much wow factor and more delicacy, Zapplon operates on a cashback model through its own digital currency called Zapps. These ae easily redeemable on the E-commerce websites (yes they are 100%).

Traction & Analytics

Crossing well over a whopping 20,000 users  and more than 100 bookings per day, and also an undisclosed funding amount from the network of HNI, one could only muster up that the team plans to do something grand in the future as well and scale up on the glory and relishes of the past and the present. They got in touch with as many as cab users they could, to validate the concept and feasibility of the project. The current traction exceeds well over 20k users in all.

Future Advancement

It is in the process of integrating the recently launched bike taxi services on its platform as well and aims to add self-drive and intercity services in the near future.  Zapplon is striving to integrate multiple APIs and getting them to work in tandem while keeping the size of the app as low as possible.

 Zapplon has made a niche for itself and hopes to continue the good work in the future as well. They wish to take their aggregator model into the corporates as well. The idea, vision and the execution; all perfectly synergize to achieve all their endeavors of the future.



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