bestemployees app

A great resume and an impressive set of skills are no longer enough for job seekers to find a dream job – those items are merely what is needed to compete.

InnovativeApps LLC’s new app, BestEmployees, available for both iOS and Android, helps job seekers establish their professional reputation around their core skills. More than just a simple career tool, BestEmployees also helps job seekers know which skills are most in demand in their fields and helps to attract more hiring managers to their profiles.

“It’s not enough to just talk about your skills and experience. We’ve built an interactive tool that builds your reputation around your core skills, helps gather credible endorsements, and encourages hiring managers to connect with you directly based on how well your skills match up with what they’re looking for. For those who wish to advance their career, BestEmployees provides a highly personalized job tool with an interactive, real-time focus,” said Niru Mehta, founder of InnovativeApps, LLC. 

She further adds, “In developing BestEmployees, our goal was to create a tool that recognized that career building doesn’t start with a job search, it starts long before, with building one’s professional reputation. With this app, career seekers are able to take control of the entire process.”

In addition to serving as a powerful career-building tool for prospective employees, hiring managers also benefit from BestEmployees by gaining access to a highly qualified and relevant pool of talent. Employees can create a shortlist by skills match, send out inquiries, organize interviews and hire, creating a highly effective end-to-end hiring tool.

“The BestEmployees app also overcomes one of the biggest challenges of job seeking, and that is keeping the search discreet,” added Mehta. “One of our most popular features is the ability to select a company to exclude from search visibility, so your current employer (and colleagues) will not be able to see you on BestEmployees when they conduct their own searches.”

The interactive nature of BestEmployees and the ability to customize the app for a highly personalized experience are essential to any job support tool in today’s hyper-competitive job market and offers a tool that is superior to generic job boards and resume generators. The app is currently available for both iOS and Android.

Source – BWI