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Most likely, you think that the dating market is taken by large companies like Badoo or Tinder, and new services have no chances. Even though these two giants are the most popular in the dating market, people always need something new and keep up with the times. They use only those services that are of interest.

Beautiful ladies, rich gentlemen, and even doctors and musicians – when people look for a particular category of people, they will choose the app or site that corresponds to their preferences. For example, if a man likes men, then, most likely, he will not visit sites or download apps that are for heterosexuals.

Niche projects are growing in quantity, volumes, and revenue. This is because the number of successful dates and meetings in niche projects is much larger. Recent research among almost 4,000 Tinder users showed that half of them don’t even offer people they have a “match” with to meet. For example, many men don’t start dating a single mom in real life, and women sometimes don’t go on dates because they are afraid of meeting a maniac. At the same time, statistics show that users of niche apps are less demanding and more interested in dating. Today services for people with non-traditional sexual orientation, those who prefer open relationships, mature men, and young girls are of great interest.

Problems of dating startups

However, despite the relevance of the direction among startup authors, the dating service is a rather unattractive project for investors. And for the creators, the problems don’t end with raising funds. The combination of many factors makes such a project unbearable.


Whetherit’sjust a dating site or an application like Tinder (meeting people nearby) – the principle works everywhere: people are more interested in meeting and not just chatting in the built-in chat. And this means that you will need to connect one city first, then another, and so on. The situation in which thousands of users from each city would immediately appear in your newly made service sounds fantastic or requires some investment in advertising.

Balance M and F

Any service where communication between the male and female half of the population is supposed to have one problem – there are more men. The explanation is simple: men have historically taken an active position in matters of finding a couple. They don’t need additional motivation. It is clear how to attract men – just show that your service has cute young ladies. But is already difficult to attract ladies as here flirting with additional services is needed. It’s like “rate my photo”, “send me a virtual present”, and so on. It means they need services that will not let them get disappointed in the site quickly.

Self-destructing audience

No, not in the literal sense, of course. It’sjustthat a paradoxical principle works in such startups: the better the dating service works, the faster the audience attracts to it. People meet, fall in love, and soon. Therefore, the entrepreneur is faced with an eternal task: how to attract new people to the project. And this task never loses relevance. Developers launch a dating start-up, attract investor money, debug processes in the first year and a half, and then fail. In dating, there is always a huge outflow of users. Indeed, they find a couple and leave. As a rule, for a while. Then they come back. Therefore, usually on dating sites, we can “freeze” or hide our profile. Also, in services like Tinder, you can just flirt or chat. Not everyone intends to meet or establish a relationship.


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