Bengaluru-based robotics startup CynLr has raised ₹5.5 crores in a seed funding round from Speciale Invest, Arali Ventures, Growx Ventures, CIIE Initiatives and angel investor Dr. Vijay Kedia. The startup plans to use the freshly raised capital to boost its research and development as well as drive adoption of the product.

Founded by Gokul N A and Nikhil Ramaswamy in 2015, the startup automates the manual labor involved in the manufacturing processes. The startup is building a universal machine-vision driven robotic platform that can manipulate objects and replace the real-world needs of human labor with machines.

The startup has executed more than 30 custom-engineered, machine-vision based robotic solutions for large manufacturing customers in the last four years since its inception. CynLr has now proved the intellectual property development and is aiming to productize its technology. The technology accurately picks and accurately place complex geometrical objects.

Vishesh Rajaram, managing partner from Speciale Invest said, “We believe Vyuti is poised to become the brain and eye for every robotic hand, which would allow it to pick, orient and place items as reliably as humans, a development that could lead to the automation of all warehouse and manufacturing line jobs on earth.”

The ability to understand and grasp objects of complex geometry is a major unsolved problem in automating the manufacturing processes due to randomness. The founders believe that CynLr’s customers can use their solution to reliably replace human beings with machines are a master in handling complex scenarios.

Rajiv Raghunandan, managing partner, Arali Ventures said, “We believe that CynLr’s approach of bringing together machine vision and AI will significantly enhance object intelligence for industrial robots, thus paving the way for greater penetration of robotics application across various industry segments.”

The technical feasibility of automating unpredictable physical work is below 50% in all sectors, according to a McKinsey report on the State of Automation.


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