Video marketing has gained immense popularity for its effective mode of conceptualization of an idea and bringing it in front of an audience. It tends to bring huge traffic and increased sales. Mobile video consumption has tremendously increased among people with the increasing use of smartphones. Videos are capable of delivering visual content, which is user-engaging, and people connect with it more as compared to other content like blogs and articles. There are billions of videos floating across different platforms. To stand out, it is necessary to invest time in creating high-quality videos that deliver an idea or concept flawlessly

Gone are the days when you required professionals to create a video for marketing. With InVideo, it has become easy and possible for everyone to create impressive and stunning videos in just a few minutes. The good news is that you do not have to be an expert or technical understanding of video making. 

Highlights about the video creating software

This video making software provides a comprehensive platform for creating all types of marketing, branding, and invitation videos. It is suitable for individual marketers, small businesses, and influencers with professional videos ready in minutes. It has many in-built tools, which make it easy for creating videos, even for beginners. The technical experts in the field of video making have the option of using complex software to create a customized video. All the tools and templates make it possible to convert any content into wonderful videos effortlessly. The best part of the software is that it is designed for everyone starting from beginners to professionals.

Reasons to choose InVideo for creating video 

The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based platform has gained popularity for many reasons. The Avant-garde video editing software is a one-stop platform for creating and editing branded video content. The selling point is that anybody can create a video without any technical experience. It has a standard interface and an easy-to-use toolbar.

  • Get access to thousands of premade customizable templates and create professional high-quality HD videos within minutes. There is a huge library of pre-built video templates to choose from.  
  • The software is integrated with tons of advanced features to make the videos interesting and fun. Get access to premium media collection from stock libraries like Shutterstock, Story blocks, Pexels, Pixabay, etc. 
  • The easy drag-and-drop mode of video creation simplifies the whole process of crafting the perfect professional-looking video. 
  • The automated text-to-speech features allow you to create the video in any language of your choice. The multilingual video creation option makes the platform hot selling. 
  • The videos can be fully customized with different types of fonts and typography. There is a theme-based visual effect to create a suitable video. The speed adjustment and merge features customize the speed of the video. 
  • The pre-made templates are available for all types of video content like branding, products, presentations, invitations, webinar or podcast promos, greeting, listicles, influencer campaigns, social media videos, and offers. 
  • There are powerful in-built transitions that can be added to the video. The software is perfect for creating shareable videos for social media and marketing campaigns. 

How to create a video on the platform

Creating videos is easy and quick, and this is what makes the platform perfect. The steps of creating the video are pretty much straightforward. Let us take a look at how videos can be created step-by-step, even by a beginner or a non-technical person.

  1. Choose from the huge library of free video templates. There are different categories of templates like Invitation templates, YouTube Intro or Outro, Promo Videos, Facebook Ads, and Slideshow Videos. Pick a category and choose an appropriate template. 
  2. In the next step, you can choose to add an image or video to the template. There is an expansive stock library for videos and images, and you can add the content from the stock library. Alternatively, you can upload your video or image content. 
  3. In the next step, make use of all the customization tools. This includes the addition of custom texts or font, choosing a custom color, video effects, transitions, etc. Add background music when required from the stock collection. This is the basic level of customization. 
  4. The toolbar on the left side has tons of customization options. You can customize the aspect ratio or choose either a horizontal or vertical video. The enhanced option in the toolbar has fun props to add to the video. 
  5. It is possible to create videos in a different language. Simply copy the text and drop it under the automated voice over option on the right side. Choose the language you want to translate the content into. 

The platform has simple tools to create quirky and fun videos easily. The ease of creating videos and over 1500+ customizable tools is the biggest USP of the software. The software is a great tool for small businesses to create impactful videos for social media and connect with the audience better. The length of the video is up to a maximum of 15 minutes. 

Affordable packages for marketers 

The premium packages are available at a cost-effective subscription price.  The business package is available at $10 per month, and the unlimited package is billed at $30 per month. The difference between both is that in the business package, you get access to 300 premium stock photos and video per month, but the unlimited package gives unlimited access. The HD video export for the business package is limited to 60 videos per month. There are some free templates as well, which can be used but with a watermark. 


The intuitive and easy drag-and-drop platform has helped millions of marketers and small businesses to transform their business by creating powerful marketing videos. It is a powerful editing and video creation tool with impeccable customer care service. The video toolkit helps in creating stunning HD professional videos within minutes. There is 24 x 7 customer support available from a real human’s end for any doubts or confusion.


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