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Today, we are here with Andy Jacob, one of America’s leading business consultants. Andy is the pioneer of one-hour business consulting, and we would like to welcome you.

Andy, if you don’t mind, we are going to do this interview a little bit differently. Since you have become known for being able to fix many business problems in one hour, we are going to do this interview as a quick-fire round. We are going to see if you can finish the interview in 3 minutes or less, to really see how fast you really. A little challenge for you really are.

1. Please provide a brief overview of The Jacob Consulting Group:

I fix business problems fast.


2. What inspired you to offer this to your clients.

Today’s business world is fast and furious with a lot of noise and chatter. My clients want their problems fixed now. Not tomorrow.


3. What is your life mantra?

Be as good as my dogs, Bella and Luigi, believe I am.


4. What has been the most challenging part of your rise as a trusted business advisor?

Many companies look at trying to make improvement by becoming more complex. I help them make improvement through simplicity.


5. How did you overcome those challenges?

Once a client sees what we can do in one hour, they get it.


6. We have read your white papers, and you talk about qualities for success. What are the 3 qualities an individual must have to achieve business success?

Quality 1-persistence
Quality 2 and 3- Go back to quality 1.


7. Which online tools do you use and want to recommend?

I live online. However, for most businesses, great phone skills are important. Companies need to think about actually talking to people. That would be refreshing.


8. Share one habit that makes you more productive.

My one touch principle. If it’s on my desk and I touch it, I finish it.


andy jacob
Andy Jacob

9. How did you get the initial traction?

I started paying attention 25 years ago when I started my career, and it’s finally paying off. So, in essence, I’ve been building traction for 25 years.


10. What’s the biggest mistake startups make?

They can’t explain their business to me in 5 words or less.


11. How is your consulting business different from others out there?

Companies hire me for an hour, and I fix their business problem fast.


12. What marketing techniques are you using?

Old fashioned referrals and testimonials.


13. What are growth hacking techniques you use?

Nothing beats testimonials and referrals. Hack a great job for your customers. That’s it.


14. How do you hire the best talent?

Hire honesty first. Everything else follows.


15. What are 3 books that you like?

Blink and Tipping Point by Gladwell. Positioning by Trout.


16. Who are your favourite entrepreneurs right now?

Anybody that has an idea, executes on it, and pays the bills.


17. What do most companies miss?

Smiling customers.


Wow! That was fast and fun.

You made in well under three minutes, and I believe our readers will really enjoy this.

Thank you again!


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