chai calling

1.5 Million engineering graduates pass every year in India. Over 80% of them are unemployable. Amongst, these scary figures stand two engineers Abhinav and Parmeet. Have you heard of them? Have you heard of Chai Calling?

Their stories have been buzzing around since 2016. Having three outlets in Noida and six outlets in Bareilly selling tea, Maska Bun, Grilled Sandwiches, Pasta and Coffee, the techies earned over Rs 70 lakhs in a fiscal by investing just Rs 1 lakh.

Parmeet is a software engineer while Abhinav Tandon is an electrical engineer. Both were working as professionals in top MNCs earning a fat paycheck. They were fond of reading business magazines since time in college. And from there the idea of starting a business came from.

Lack of sufficient funding compelled them to plan something with low investment and high returns. Fascinated by the craving to provide employment to hundreds of Indians.

Abhinav said that when he and his business partner were studying and working, he had to drink tea several times. Many times, they would visit some chaiwala in the corner of the street to sip a cup or two of tea. The unhygienic and unhealthy conditions of the Chaiwalas made them think that something could be achieved in this sector.

The strong desire to startup motivated them to quit their jobs. Abhinav and Pramit saved money out of their own salaries and put one lakh rupees to open their first T-stall at the Metro Station of Noida’s Sector-16. With some hard work, their turnover grew to over Rs 1 crores and 35 people work for them.

Faster delivery is the key to success and Chai Calling’s USP too. To ensure that Abinav and Parmeet have gathered a team of delivery pros known as Chai Brigade who are smart enough to deliver orders within 15 minutes.

The outlets serve more than 15 varieties of tea including green tea, lemon tea, black tea and ice tea. The price varies from Rs 5 to Rs 25. The on-demand fresh tea service provider claims to be eco-friendly by serving in clay cups.

Abhinav and Parmeet are planning to soon start healthy food service for patients in various hospitals. By creating their own successful venture the techy duo has set an example for all those who fail to get jobs after engineering.

With absolutely minimum investment and outstanding income, the engineers have left everyone dumbstruck and have certainly inspired many that come what may, with consistent hard work and dedication, one can do wonders!


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