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Resources tailored to needs of an entrepreneur covering topics like fundraising, growth hacking, customer acquisition and more at Startup Wonders.

business strategy

The Three-Pronged System to Create a Sustainable Business Strategy

An effective business strategy has three parts. One part involves knowing who your target audience is. You truly know your audience when you can make decisions for them, says Tim Ferriss....
good ui design

5 Rules of Good UI Design to Follow [Entrepreneurs Read This]

To find a designer for your upcoming project is pretty easy with all the freelancing marketplaces and online directories. Finding a designer who is up to date with the latest UI...
Marketing Your Product on Twitter

10 Considerations for Marketing Your Product on Twitter

Are you having a terrible time trying to market your product on Twitter? Are you struggling like heck to generate sales through the platform? Come in closer. I have a secret to...
Blogs for Entrepreneurs

30 Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs To Follow in 2017

Here's our very first article on blogs to follow. We will consistently publish various best blogs to follow in the areas of self-development, entrepreneurship and growth hacking. The list consists of...
growth hacking techniques

3 Companies That Are Brilliant At Growth Hacking Techniques

Airbnb, Hotmail, and Linkedin are some great classic examples—you should definitely read about them. It’s not that you’ll be able to replicate these growth hacks, but it will help you understand...
Hiring Developers

7 Best Practices for Hiring Developers for your Startup

My biggest recommendation here is to check references. Don’t hire anyone without talking to past employers who have had positive experiences with the developer. Given that you don’t have a technical background,...
Types of Startup Funding

5 Types of Startup Funding – Quick Brief about Funding Stages

For running a Startup you not only need a creative idea, but a capital is a very vital part which can boost your initial business to a larger scale. If you...
overcome challenges

How Small Manufacturers Can Overcome Challenges on Their Way to Profit

The current government has taken welcome steps to improve the business environment in India. Through Make in India, it also continues to give manufacturing a much-needed push. However, banking on the government...

IndiaFilings Launches IndiaLedgers, GST Ready Online Accounting Software

Goods and Service Tax (GST) rollout is set to begin soon, integrating and unifying India under a single indirect tax regime. With the rollout of GST, there is set to be...
1 rupee is equal to 1 dollar

What Would Happen If 1 Rupee Is Equal To 1 Dollar (₹1 = $1)?

Being an Indian you want dollar to become equal to a rupee or you want rupee to be stronger than dollar. Because you think greater the value of currency, greater the...

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