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Thursday, November 23, 2017
6000 Crores Worth Businessman

6000 Crores Worth Businessman Sends Son to Hyderabad with Rs 500, Says Proof That...

A diamond businessman named Ghanshyam Bhai Dholakiya sends his son Hithartha to Hyderabad handing him only ₹500. The motto was to let his son prove that he can survive without all...

This 28-Years Old Girl Yasmin Khan is the youngest judge in Rajasthan High Court

In this male-dominated world of higher judiciary, there is a silver lining - women now head the four and oldest high courts in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. Indian created history with the...
Hritesh Lohiya

Hritesh Lohiya Sold His Wife's Jewelry to Startup, Now Turning Over ₹90 Crores

Hritesh Lohiya, based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan runs Priti International. The venture manufactures handbags from old gunny bags, cast off military tents, denim pants, etc. And the startup is also into producing furniture from...
Coolie's Son Built a ₹100 Crore Company

How a Coolie's Son Built a ₹100 Crore Company with Just ₹25,000

Let's dive into the story of this 42-year-old man. He is the son of a coolie from a remote village in Wayanad, Kerela. And yes! his mother never went to school....

A 7-Year-Old Child Started His Company And The Way He Earned $21000 Is Fabulous

I bet that you don't even remember being a 3-year old i your lives. Even I don't. But, everyone is not like me and you. There are some special brains in...
Sangeeta Kulkarni

Brickwork India Co-Founder Sangeeta Kulkarni Honoured with the Femina Women Super Achiever Award

Sangeeta Kulkarni, CEO, and Co-founder of Brickwork India has been honored with the Femina “Women Super Achiever Award” at the 4thWorld Women Leadership Congress & Awards (WWLCA) – 2017 event held...
water dada

Meet the "Water Dada" Teaching Water Conservation Lessons In Maharashtra

Vedant Goel and Yusuf Soni, popularly known as Water Dada, continue their water conservation campaign started last year, teaching and inspiring children about saving water. They also donated plastic drums in...
anisha singh mydala

This Women Pitched While She Was Pregnant, Hats Off to Anisha Singh

Anisha Singh started mydala in 2009, one of the India’s largest coupon provider website. She is a master’s  in political communication and MBA in information systems from The American University. She also...
anubhav deep servx

This Bihari Boy's Startup ServX Got Selected By Y-Combinator

Born in Patna, in a middle-class family, Anubhav Deep originally belongs to Chhapra. Yes! Chhapra. A city with almost 2,00,000 people. Nobody can wonder how a small town boy can aim...
dr. tausif malik 1

"From Pune to Chicago", Exclusive Interview With Dr. Tausif Malik

A person, in his lifetime, goes through all of the life’s phases, laughing and crying, experiencing and learning, facing insurmountable walls and breaking them down. Yes, every life story makes a...

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