CashNoCash, an initiative by Quikr, launched a fortnight ago to help citizens find cashpoints nearest to them, has captured trends of cash availability and wait times at ATMs across India.

This information has been analysed based on crowdsourced updates provided by its users to help map the status of ATMs.

About 60% of the ATMs in India have reported cash availability, of which, 50% of the ATMs which had cash also had wait times.

Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi have reported cash availability in about 40% of the ATMs. Bangalore reported no cash in about 30% of the ATMs closely followed by Delhi and Chennai.

While 70% of the ATMs are reported with cash availability at least once a day, they run out of cash quickly.

Wait times across India have increased over the last week averaging at 50 minutes. Mumbai still has the longest wait times at ATMs while Chennai has the shortest.

While endless queues at banks and ATMs seem to be the norm, in the second half of the day wait times tend to peak and there are longer queues at ATMs.

CashNoCash has helped over 11 million users, a majority of them from Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The crowdsourced platform has mapped data across 2lakh+ ATMs.

It has also introduced convenient features like map views, directions to the nearest ATM and status history of cash availability at ATMs.

It also has an email alert option which can be set up for a particular ATM or pin code that sends the user an email as soon as cash is reported as available.


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