Thanks to strict online casino licensing and regulatory laws, punters now have more confidence in online casinos. This hasn’t always been the case though and this is why bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and third party testing labs have come into existence.

It was actually the success of online gambling that led to a crisis of trust within the gambling industry. Everyone wanted a slice of the online slots action and standards and integrity were left behind. Increasing disputes between punters and casinos meant that something had to be done eventually – play on King Casino.

Online Gambling Regulators 

The UK Gambling Commission was originally set up to deter dishonest gambling practices such as game fixing and non-payments of winnings to punters. However, it now also acts as so much more than just a deterrent, because it actually licenses and regulates all forms of gambling in the UK. This organization does not dish out licenses lightly either.

They have strict criteria that all casinos must abide by if they want to be allowed to operate legally in the UK. Any casinos that cannot meet these set standards cannot operate in the UK and if they do, then they are operating illegally and face closure and large fines. This is why it is always best to play at licensed venues because your casino cash is protected and the games meet the standards required by the commission.

Game Testing 

The actual slot creators themselves test their games, but the UK Gambling Commission and third party testing labs also get involved. Gaming Laboratories International, eCOGRA, Technical Systems Testing and Gaming Associates are a few of the other third parties that test games to make sure that each spin is not fixed in any way and that all game results are truly random.

Slots RTP Scores 

The RTP or Return To Player percentage is vital to many punters and they regularly use this score to pick the slot they want to play on. The developers of slots actually study their own games dynamics and this includes the payout rates and wins frequency. Third parties also test the games to see if the manufacturers findings are accurate.

RTP Manipulation 

Casinos can actually manipulate the RTP scores of slots if they want to. This is because some games creators can offer operators a number of options that allows them to slightly tweak the RTP. They can raise it to get more people playing, or they can lower it to increase profits and this is not illegal.

However, if the changes were extreme and not subtle then this would be counter productive, as all customers would choose to leave and play elsewhere. No matter how the RTP is tweaked all new values have to be displayed correctly and a proper licensed casino will do this.

If you can’t find RTP scores on a casino site, then look at the pay table information as it is sometimes hidden there. However, if no RTP scores are visible at all, then the casino is not obeying licensing laws and should be avoided.


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