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The events industry in India will touch the ₹10,000 crores mark by 2020-2021, as per an EY-EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) report. The industry was worth ₹5,631 crores in 2016-17 and has been growing at a 16% CAGR since then. However, the report does not include the multitude of ‘unorganised’ event companies spread across the country.

Realizing this huge potential ahead, Anurag Singh started BunnyBash.in in 2018, an event management and party organizing startup that provides event and party management services including exclusivities like theme decor packages, party snack boxes, event artist booking, venue booking, and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Party boxes.

Anurag Singh, Founder, BunnyBash.in

Anurag is also doing brand activations through his other company Green Flag. Green Flag Branding Solutions is his other company and during his work there, he started receiving a lot of calls from retails customers asking him to organize personal events for them. And this led him to start BunnyBash.

Anurag bootstrapped the startup from his savings that he accumulated from his job in marketing and corporate industry. The startup has partnered with apartments, resorts, and restaurants to paint the ugly walls with attractive colors and then stencil their details like a mural to generate offline leads. Moreover, BunnyBash.in is also focusing on digital marketing to expand their reach.

Anurag says, “At BunnyBash.in we are simplifying the service process of the event industry. We wanted the people to feel the hazel free experience of hosting a party. We have saved in a tremendous way. We promote happiness not just through our services but internally in the team as well.”

The startup has an innovative approach towards its office. Instead of renting a traditional office in a prime location, he built the office in a very unconventional way. BunnyBash.in’s office resembles a resort rather than a corporate building, having a lawn to sit, relax and work. The startup even gives on rent the lawn for parties and small events. BunnyBash.in is also planning to come up with a campaign to support women to acquire creative leads in the industry.

BunnyBash.in was born to focus on consumer events. After launching his new startup, Anurag found many gaps in the industry and that’s when he started introducing ideas like DIY boxes, express services, themed packages, and snack boxes. Earlier, there were no theme based decoration services available in the consumer event planning segment. BunnyBash.in also has personalized packages for celebrating birthdays of pets including cats and dogs, which is too a unique service that no other firm provides.

The biggest challenge that Anurag faced while building BunnyBash.in was finding experienced decorators and florist. The vetting process was very refined as he wanted to maintain the best quality in the industry. Another challenge that he faced was a lack of customer awareness. Most consumers can easily tell which phone brand is better than others, but when it comes to telling the difference between two balloon brands, customers don’t know a bit. Anurag faced a hard-time explaining the difference between the quality and price of the products and services that they offer.

BunnyBash.in’s services are tailored for the needs of millennials. There are few service providers like UrbanClap and LocalOye. However, they hire vendors to provide services to customers. BunnyBash.in, on the other hand, hires full-time employees to keep an eye on the quality of services.

Anurag believes that the startup has evolved from one idea, is still evolving and will continue to evolve in the future. Constant change is the key to success. And thus, BunnyBash.in has set up yearly goals instead of a 10-year growth plan to keep in pace with the change in trends year-on-year. Furthermore, Anurag plans to expand to 25 Offline stores in the next 3 years to become an industry leader. BunnyBash.in has its office in Bengaluru and will inaugurate its offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad in July.



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