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Some famous names are etched on our memory and become part of the fabric of society. Andrew Carnegie is one such name – an entrepreneur and philanthropist who originated from Scotland, but who made a huge impression on lives the world over.

Others mentioned here are relative newcomers to business as well as old players, but all of these top 10 Scottish entrepreneurs became successful against the odds. Having either started very young or after experiencing particular hardship as children, they went on to become gritty and determined business people, as well as hugely inspirational figures.

So here is the list of top 10 Scottish entrepreneurs

1Andrew Carnegie

This guy wasn’t just one of Scotland’s greatest ever entrepreneurs but conjointly one amongst the foremost necessary figures within the history of American enterprises. Born within the Scottish city of Dunfermline in an exceedingly one-room weaver’s cottage in 1835, Carnegie went on to steer the growth of the American steel industry and become one ngst the richest men within the world by the flip of the twentieth century.

When he and his oldsters emigrated to the U.S. in 1848, Carnegie hardly had a dollar in his pocket however shortly he was a titan of the industry and a rival in terms of wealth to the good financiers of his age. In short, Carnegie’s was a real rag to riches story and with The Gospel of Wealth, he virtually wrote the book on the way to be a presenter additionally as a businessperson.

2Pete Cashmore

Like Carnegie, Pete Cashmore has all over up disbursal a lot of-of his adult life, a minimum of to date, within the United States and its hotbeds of innovation in New York and Silicon Valley. Cashmore is that the founder and CEO of Mashable, one in all the internet’s most well-liked news and knowledge resources.

Born and raised close to the Scottish town of Aberdeen in a humble home, he overcame a series of sicknesses and operations as a baby to found Mashable by the age of simply nineteen. In 2009, Cashmore was voted as one of Forbes magazine’s “30 below 30” and he made Time’s list of the world’s one hundred most powerful folks in 2012.

3Michelle Mone

Michelle Mone is one in every of Scotland’s most flourishing female entrepreneurs and a billboard lady for persistence. Having been born in Glasgow’s East region, an area notoriously rife with the economic condition and drug problems, Mone became a model than a marketer with the Canadian brewing company Labatt.

She rose through the ranks at Labatt throughout a biennial. However once when she was made redundant she set up her own company making bras designed to be comfortable and flattering. As of 2011, she was calculable to have a net worth of around $35 million, having created her fortune as the head of MJM International and one in every of Scotland’s best familiar business girls.

4Duncan Bannatyne

Another Glaswegian who created it massive within the business world in recent years is Bannatyne, who you would possibly grasp from the UK edition of the TV show Dragons’ Den. Duncan has an estimated net worth of around $300 million because of his successes within the realms of health clubs, spas and hotels.

But while he is now no doubt accustomed to all manner of luxuries, Bannatyne began life in the altogether humble setting of a single room in a large but overcrowded house living alongside his parents and six siblings. His initial entrepreneurial foray saw him get associate frozen dessert truck that value $750 and that he eventually becomes a business that sold for $50,000.

5Sir Arnold Clark

Like such a large number of entrepreneurs right around the world, Arnold Clark supported his own company when troubled to search out employment. That was back within the mid-1950s and within some decades, Arnold Clark Cars had become Scotland’s biggest automobile business organization, that it remains to the current day.

Sir Arnold is currently reckoned to be valued within the region of $800 million however he grew up in an exceedingly robust space of Glasgow and left school at the age of simply fourteen with zero qualifications.

So there you’re, that’s our summary of five prime Scottish entrepreneurs World Health Organization overcame the chances to become massively triple-crown. lots to be galvanized by there however if you’ve got any higher rags to wealth stories then allow us to apprehend within the comments.

6Susan Aktemel

Languages graduate Susan Aktemel is one in all of Scotland’s original social entrepreneurs, having launched Impact Arts as a sole monger with a social product in 1994 when the term was barely notable. Impact Arts let her mix 3 things she admired – business, operating in Glasgow’s communities and therefore the arts.

She continued as CEO of Impact Arts for eighteen years, growing it into the national charity it’s nowadays. In August 2014, Susan launched her second social venture, with the indulgence of her alternative passion – property!

Homes4Good is Scotland’s 1st social enterprise letting agents and a unique venture with London-based social impact investors Impact Ventures UK, to form a portfolio of over five hundred high-quality homes for folks in would like of social housing by 2020.

Further, as taking care of landlords’ properties within the central belt, it helps people’s lives improve through providing a top quality home. It presently manages 270 properties and is growing daily.

7Graham Bell

Graham joined youth organisation Kibble in 1993 and got into the social enterprise by accident! In 1995 Kibble was facing closure owing to the loss of its 100% grant funding, and adopting a social enterprise model enabled the organisation’s rebirth.

Continuous investment, on-going learning and a robust commitment to its 1840 charitable mission imply that these days Kibble is recognised as Scotland’s specialist supplier of services for kids in danger. Primarily based in Renfrewshire, Kibble provides care, education and young men development for kids from across the European nation.

Underneath Graham’s artistic leadership, Kibble has developed a spread of social enterprises that offer coaching and skills development opportunities. These embody a vehicle mechanics business, promotional printing, second-hand article of furniture sales, catering, gardening, image framing and currently go-karting at in Hillington Park.

8Audrey Carlin

Audrey Carlin heads up Wasps Studios, Scotland’s largest supplier of the reasonable high-quality studio, workplace and dealing area to the inventive sector. Wasps accommodate 900 artists, creatives and cultural tenants in seventeen locations from Selcraig to Shetland. Audrey may be a leased city planner by profession, with over twenty years expertise in regeneration.

She joined Wasps in March 2015 following six years with Clyde entryway Urban Regeneration Company. Audrey has a light-emitting diode on £40 million prices of award-winning comes in recent years together with the £10m Olympia building in Bridgeton, Glasgow. abundant of Wasps’ work involves conveyance historic buildings into use as artists’ studios and bases for inventive enterprises – serving to regenerate communities.

She is additionally leading on the event of the £4.5m Briggait Creation Centre project. Wasps became a completely self-financing charity and social enterprise in recent years and were awarded Scotland’s Social Enterprise of the Year in 2014 to mirror this accomplishment.

9Sylvia Stephen A. Douglas

A former community mental state employee for East Renfrewshire Council, Sylvia Stephen A. Douglas found out MsMissMrs to assist empower ladies and women to manoeuvre on from powerful backgrounds.

Sylvia spent abundant of her young years in residential care and have become a mum at simply fifteen, thus she is aware of first-hand the challenges ladies will face ancient in education and work. Her own determination to succeed enabled her to induce a degree and an expert job.

Currently, MsMissMrs coaching empowers different ladies to require management of their lives by serving to them build physical, emotional and psychological resilience. it’s supported by Sylvia’s direction Pants vary of superhero underclothes, a recent Social Investment European country and Asda Social Enterprise Developer Academy challenger.

10Edel Harris

Edel Harris joined Cornerstone as the chief government in might 2008 having antecedently been deputy chief government of Aberdeen antechamber, that is to blame for a spread of social businesses targeted on providing work expertise for kids.

Edel carried this entrepreneurial spark to Cornerstone, that conjointly runs cafés, a present look and a print and promotional business. Edel’s background is in health promotion. Holding a primary category academic degree in health and social care, she worked for the Metropolitan Police and NHS Grampian and has expertise in leading an advertisement social enterprise and in developing new social care services.

As a frenzied soccer fan, she conjointly enjoys being a director of Aberdeen soccer Club trust. She is additionally taking the third sector thought by sitting on the board of chance North East development body and as President of Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

Some more famous Scottish entrepreneurs

11Josh Littlejohn

The founding father of Social Bite is perhaps Scotland’s best famed social enterpriser, having attained funds to develop the social business by obtaining the likes of Chief Executive, St. George Clooney and Richard Branson to talk at his different venture, the Scottish Business Awards.

The son of enterpriser Simon Littlejohn, UN agency runs seven restaurants across European country, tease knew he wished to launch his own business once he left the university in 2007. once a couple of palmy ventures in event management, tease was impressed by chemist Peace Prize-winning economic expert prof Muhammad Yunus to explore the potential of a social business in a European country.

Since gap Social Bite in 2012, tease has developed the business into Scotland’s initial social enterprise sandwich look chain, currently consisting of 5 retailers in an urban centre, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. tease is committed to over profit and making a cause-driven business, thus 1 / 4 of Social Bite workers return from a homeless background.

12Alan Mahon

Alan (pictured on top of left with tease Littlejohn of Social Bite) cut his teeth within the social enterprise world through sandwich look Social Bite, before making Brewgooder, a craft brewage label that donates 100% of its profits to scrub water comes everywhere the globe.

Alan is impressed by the chance of turning everyday acts of consumption, like drinking brewage, into a force for social smart. Alan light-emitting diode the launch and growth of the company job arm of Social Bite in 2014, that currently brings in £1 million a year for the social enterprise, creating it one among Scotland’s largest freelance caterers.

Alan has conjointly managed the operations of the Scottish Business Awards, the leading gathering of business leaders within the kingdom, that has seen President Chief Executive, Sir Richard Branson, Bob Geldof and St. George Clooney return to a European country as keynote speakers.

13Chris Martin

Chris Martin (pictured acceptive the 2016 Scottish Charity Award for exceptional employee) is the administrator of Callander Youth Project Trust. He started operating with the charity 5 years agone and has taken it from the little area in an exceedingly native learning centre to currently running the 5 star Callander Hostel, café and events venue.

Chris may be a social enterpriser UN agency encompasses a background in each formal and informal education. He studied English literature at the University of Dundee and afterwards completed his degree in community learning and development while managing his own business.

Chris has received national popularity of his work on the youth project, that has been recognised with a variety of position awards. within the initial year once gap the Callendar Hostel at the top of 2015, it welcomes six,000 night long guests, generated £100,000 and provided abundantly required coaching and jobs for kids within the rural city.

14James McIlroy

James McIlroy is one among Scotland’s youngest and most spectacular social entrepreneurs, putting in place EuroBiotix CIC whereas still a senior pupil at the University of Aberdeen. The goal of EuroBiotix is to enhance the lives of patients through the ability of the human microbiome and to support health services and clinicians UN agency perform dirty microbiota transplant (FMT).

EuroBiotix is developing a spread of market-leading services which will change state research and scale back the prices and trouble that square measure presently related to FMT. James attained his BMedSci with Honours in Physiology from the University of capital. James has light-emitting diode Eurobiotix to multiple business competition successes, grant funding and governmental support.

In recognition of his dedication to EuroBiotix and his entrepreneurial potential, James was awarded an extremely prestigious Enterprise Fellowship at the Royal Society of London for Improving Natual Knowledge of capital. James is that the initial pupil to hitch the fellowship programme since it began in 1997.

15Katrina McNab

Katrina McNab has been at the helm of Pulteneytown People’s Project (PPP) since it began in Feb 2003 with one.5 workers and a £10,000 budget. nowadays it employs fifty-five workers and encompasses a turnover of over £750,000. operation delivers services throughout Caithness from cradle to grave, together with care reception, housing support, a day-care centre, a learning centre, café and a community centre.

Katrina was a late starter, beginning associate university degree at twenty-three whereas still taking care of her 2 babies. She directly uncovered a passion for policy and also the impact of political choices wear individuals. She went on to figure at her native voter’s recommendation Bureau before serving to line up a community association.

She conjointly stood as an associate freelance native council member from 2004 to 2011. For Katrina, a part of the love of her job is creating a distinction to people’s lives and also the selection, which implies she ne’er gets bored.

16Robbie Norval

There is a growing body of proof to counsel that speaking multiple languages will delay the onset of dementedness by up to 5 years. this is often why Robbie Norval determined to line up social enterprise vernacular wading bird, that teaches foreign languages to older adults to shelve the consequences of dementedness and brain ageing.

Through his skilled career, Robbie has worked with vulnerable adults in varied capacities and has seen the importance of communication and social contact for these adults. He has expertise in teaching and understands the importance of versatile lesson plans to adapt to individual learning methods.

Through his work with the vernacular wading bird, he has developed his skills creating learning as accessible as doable and developing inventive and fun learning activities for older adults.

17Jennifer Paice

Jen started her career in 2000 as a sales graduate for anemone Systems, a growing entrepreneurial technology business in Oxford. once seven years, associated an upward flight to management, she rapt to big apple as vice chairman of Scottish Development International’s money services team.

This position targeted on promoting Scotland’s money services sector still as supporting MSP and government official visits to the USA. On her come she visited work for RBS, and was promoted to chair of the RBS Langobard CSR board and director of origination with Langobard quality Finance.

Since taking over the highest job at SafeDeposits European country in 2013, Jen has brought the housing social enterprise into profit, augmented turnover to £1.5m in 2015, securing hour of the Scottish deposits market and launching its grant-giving trust four years earlier than scheduled.

18Debra Riddell

Debra Riddell found out Breadshare in 2011 to bring the health edges of excellent quality domestically made organic bread to her local people. Debra has associate Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and in-depth business, IT and project management expertise, having palmy managed of her own package development business for over twenty-five years.

However, once developing her own craftsman baking skills she was stricken with a passion for partaking additional individuals within the fun and wholesome edges of the real bread. Breadshare uses easy natural ingredients, together with flour processed by its associate company RMR edge within the Scottish Borders.

With its direct Portobello thriving as a hub for community breadmaking, together with workshops for kids and adults, Breadshare has opened a sandwich look in Edinburgh’s Leith and is currently set to launch a 3rd venture in East Lothian’s Penicuik, partnering with Penicuik store, an area community alliance. Breadshare manufacture can even be bought at a spread of retailers and markets throughout the capital.

19Craig Sanderson

As the chief government of Link cluster Ltd, one among Scotland’s biggest social enterprises, Craig Sanderson is to blame for driving forward the group’s vision and delivering sustained housing and connected services businesses. Craig joined Link in 1975 and have become the chief government in 1987.

He encompasses a Bachelor of Commerce degree from capital University associated is an associate member of the leased Institute of Housing. Craig has a colossal quantity of expertise within the housing sector, having worked in housing for pretty much forty years, enabling him to grow the cluster to incorporate seven businesses with ten,000 customers across twenty-six Scottish native authorities.

He’s a former member of Social Enterprise European country, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and Scottish Council for Single Homeless. He presently serves on the Parliamentary Cross-Party teams on Housing and Social Enterprise and the town of capital Council status Strategy Implementation stop cluster.

20Jason Schroeder

Jason Schroeder has been acting on the men’s sheds agenda in Aberdeenshire for four years and is that the founding father of the Scottish Men’s Sheds Association charity. he’s an origination member of the Westhill Men’s Shed and kingdom Men’s Sheds Association. Jason has lived in Aberdeenshire since immigrating from the Republic of South Africa twenty years agone.

He credits his time within the South African marines and usurping the close corporation at twenty-two once his father fell sick as instrumental in shaping his future as a social enterpriser. These experiences instructed him that cash doesn’t cause you to happy however being of service to others will.

Jason has seen first-hand the profit to veterans UN agency attend Men’s Shed, found out to present men an area to return along to figure on comes. He initiates and supports interested people and native teams begin their own sheds. There square measure currently thirty-two active men’s sheds across twenty-two regions of a European country.

21Chris Thewlis

Chris describes himself as a serial social enterpriser. he’s the director of GTS Solutions CIC, that operates in Scotland’s personal security business delivering soft facilities services and compliance coaching to the general public and personal sector. brewage permanently CIC is Chris’s second social enterprise, currently covering 2 pubs.

Each CICs social aims square measure to assist kids to achieve skills and qualifications to bring them nearer to the roles market. Chris has fashioned robust partnerships with key players like the Princes Trust to deliver the partnership program Get into Security.

A special relationship with Heineken has seen the creation of an inexpensive coaching and work expertise programme to individuals below the age of twenty-five trying to enter the cordial reception business. Chris conjointly sits on the board of Social Enterprise European country.

22Jeremie Warner

Glasgow-based social enterpriser Jeremie Warner (pictured left), 27, hopes to form a giant distinction with the wee PAL he created in 2015 with fellow enterpriser Sir Leslie Stephen Spiers, 25. The combine has launched the wee PAL power bank, a conveyable charger for phones and gadgets.

Employing a buy-one, give-one philosophy, for each charger bought, the corporation provides a star light-weight, free from charge to a baby in associate African Government college. These lights supply youngsters while not electricity the prospect to review at midnight, serving to them work towards better education which will cause more opportunities in life and a brighter future.

Jeremie is already associate stager at social enterprise having conjointly found out Studio 2080 in 2012 to empower communities in the geographical region. employing an active democratic style method, it produces solutions to alleviate poorness for rural communities, specifically in areas of tending, education and agriculture.

The University of Strathclyde design graduate from Linlithgow is doing all this whereas continued to review for his Doctor of Philosophy.

23Deborah Whyte

Events manager Deborah has invariably enjoyed operating within the not-for-profit sector however determined to show her nearly 20-year-old events management company into a Community Interest Company.

This has enabled her to focus additional on her social purpose by using individuals with disabilities and people from underprivileged backgrounds. massive Bright Star encompasses a mission to run events with a social purpose and build positive social amendment. it’ll organise everything from conferences, exhibitions and trade show to workers away days and family fun days.

Deborah is presently operating with AbilityFest 2016, third sector employment body EVH and Care and Repair European country. Educated at capital University, Deborah is additionally associate actor and has simply recorded a Scottish Government healthy uptake industrial.

24Ingrid Webb

Ingrid Webb is a chief government of Shetland-based mostly COPE Ltd, that develops employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. COPE Ltd consists of 5 businesses, together with the Shetland Soap Company, that might before long be marketing its product in your native grocery store once participating within the Social Investment Scotland/Asda provider Development Academy.

Ingrid may be a native Shetlander UN agency came back to the island in 2012 once operating for 6 years with Life while not Barriers, associate Australian organisation providing out-of-home care and incapacity services.

Ingrid is hooked in to promoting fairness among our society and building the profile of social enterprise in a European country. In 2016 she was extremely counselled within the Highlands and Islands director of the year at the Institute of administrators awards and conjointly reached the ultimate of the EY enterpriser of the year awards. COPE Ltd conjointly presently holds the honour of being Scotland’s social enterprise of the year.

25Mel Young

Mel Young is recognised joined of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. he’s the president of the Homeless World Cup, that he co-founded in 2003. below his leadership, the organisation and its partners dilated globally, operating in seventy-four countries and touching the lives of over a hundred,000 homeless individuals annually.

Previously, Mel worked as a journalist and editor with a social conscience, co-founding the massive Issue in a European country and Senscot (Social Entrepreneurs Network Scotland). he’s conjointly the previous president and unearned president of the International Network of Street Papers.

Mel’s success suggests that he’s equally below demand outside the third sector, presently finishing up the role of chair of Sportscotland, a non-executive director on the board of urban centre Life, and a member of the globe Economic Forum Sports Agenda Council. he’s a womb-to-tomb supporter of Hibernian FC and also the author of GOAL! The story of the Homeless World Cup.

Also, as a bonus we are including the list the full list of Scotland 2017 finalists:

Craig Anderson, CEO of The Scottish Salmon Company (SCC), based in Edinburgh – Scotland’s leading independent producer of Scottish salmon

Patrick Collins, CEO of Aubin Group, based in Ellon, Aberdeenshire -Aubin designs, develops and supplies chemistry-based, enabling technology to the global oil and gas industry

Alan Foy, CEO of Smart Metering Systems (SMS), based in Glasgow – SMS connects, owns, operates and maintains metering systems

Craig Gallagher, CEO of MB Aerospace Group Holdings Ltd, based in Motherwell – MB Aerospace is an international group providing complex engineering solutions to some of the key names in the Aerospace and Defense market

Jamie Graves, CEO of ZoneFox, based in Edinburgh – ZoneFox focuses on providing world-class security systems to combat the growing business issue of insider threats

Martyn Gray, Managing Director of Nairn’s Oatcakes Ltd, based in Edinburgh – Nairn’s is a manufacturer of oatcakes, biscuits, and gluten-free products

Edel Harris, CEO of Cornerstone (Community Care), based in Aberdeen – Cornerstone provides health and social care services for people with disabilities and other support needs [Winner 2017]

Magnus Houston, Managing Director of Coast & Glen Ltd, based in Inverness – Coast & Glen Ltd is a seafood and game wholesaler with an innovative home delivery subscription retail product

David Hunter, CEO of Shot Scope Technologies, based in Edinburgh – Shot Scope is a smart wearable that automatically collects performance data for golf

Leah Hutcheon, CEO and Founder of Appointed, based in Edinburgh -Appointedd provides advanced cloud-based online booking and scheduling for businesses of every size, on any device, in any time zone

Neil Lapping, Chief Adventure Officer of Macs Adventure Ltd, based in Glasgow – Macs Adventure arranges active holidays for independently minded people interested in the world around them

Stuart Lunn, CEO of LendingCrowd, based in Edinburgh – LendingCrowd is the only peer-to-peer lending platform with headquarters in Scotland. The company specialises in SME financing and has to date lent £10m to 120 companies

Edward Molyneux, CEO and Founder of FreeAgent Central, based in Edinburgh – FreeAgent offers a market-leading online accounting system specifically designed to meet the needs of contractors, freelancers, micro businesses and the accountants they work with

Craig Nicol, Joint Managing Partner of Thornton’s Law LLP, based in Dundee – Thornton’s is a legal and property services company

Marie Owen, CEO of LS Productions, based in Edinburgh – LS Productions is a full-service production company servicing global blue chip clients across Scotland and the wider UK

Kennedy Picken, CEO of Traveltek Group Holdings Ltd, based in East Kilbride – Traveltek delivers world-leading travel technology solutions to travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers worldwide

Andrew Reid, CEO of RHA, based in Glasgow – RHA is an international, portable audio company dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative, technology-led consumer and high-fidelity products

Calum Smeaton, CEO and Founder of TVSquared, based in Edinburgh – TVSquared measures and optimises TV advertising campaigns

James Varga, CEO and Founder of The ID Co, based in Edinburgh – The ID Co. create a layer of trust in the internet that doesn’t currently exist

Mark Ward, Managing Director of Power 1 Group, based in Paisley – Power 1 Group is a privately owned contractor, operating in the infrastructure, transport and utility sectors

Bruce Wishart, Managing Director of Empteezy Ltd, based in Livingston – Empteezy is a manufacturer of Spill Control Products

Do you know someone who could have featured in our list? Or would you like to know more about one of the inspiring social entrepreneurs featured? Leave a comment below to tell us what you think.


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