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Born in Patna, in a middle-class family, Anubhav Deep originally belongs to Chhapra. Yes! Chhapra. A city with almost 2,00,000 people. Nobody can wonder how a small town boy can aim and achieve this high. Opportunity knocks the doors and the universe conspires to make it happen when you want something very strong. A very similar story of success is shared by Anubhav and his friend.

Deep was lucky to wander and live around 8 states but always remained a Bihari by blood. All credit goes to his father’s transferable job. Saint Augustine once said that this universe is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. Gaining education from various institutions including Don Bosco Academy (Patna) and JVM Shyamali (Ranchi- M.S.Dhoni’s school) pivoted the shaping of his entrepreneurial mind.

That evening, hanging out with his buddy Akansh Sinha and sipping a cup of delicious tea, he came across the idea of ServX. The brainchild of two engineers, founded in November 2015 covers every vehicle-related service including emergency pick-ups, doorstep repairs, regular maintenance, servicing, insurance, body shop modifications, cosmetics etc.

And yes! Finally, the startup was selected by Y-Combinator. For those who don’t know about Y-Combinator, it is a startup incubator based in Silicon Valley, US. The accelerator which invests $120K for a 7% equity stake has funded over 1,400 startups since 2005. The startups selected by Y-Combinator normally moves to the Silicon Valley for 3 months, where they help them pitch in front of various investors.

After grabbing their degrees (graduation) Akansh and Anubhav got placed in MNCs Oracle and Bajaj Autos respectively. But. The mindset. When you don’t live by your dreams, someone else uses you to accomplish theirs. Both of them wanted to start something on their own. And that made them different.

The process of getting a car serviced can be quite exhausting. Owning a car comes with some inconveniences. In today’s fast-paced world, waiting for a car to get fixed can be rather time-consuming. As of now, the startup claims to have covered over 5,000 car washes and 2,000 services including repair.

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ServX promises to offer a 20% discount while using the services. After selecting a vehicle of your choice one needs to pick a date, time and convenient location. Once a request has been made, a representative from ServX will arrive at pick-up and drop-off the vehicle.

“We intend to optimize their processes to make the customer experience transparent and seamless service while bringing down the costs for them. We had clarity of doing something on our own from early engineering years. So joining a job was not an option for us,” says Anubhav Deep.

According to an industry estimate, the market size of the passenger car service is approximately $6 billion. At present, car service is considered as a time-consuming affair and big pain. On an average, one has to invest at least two hours to get their car serviced.

Anubhav’s dreams are to bring Bihar on the map of the world and continue his family’s legacy in politics. His maternal grandfather, Lt. Parmanand Singh Madan was a great scholar and politician. Amalgamated with the spirit of entrepreneurship, he will definitely bring Bihar a pitch higher on the world’s eyesights in the upcoming days.