best a/b testing tools

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a conversion rate optimization techniques which include comparing two variants of a web page to see which one performs better. Two variations of a web page are displayed to similar visitors at the same time and the one that gives a better rate wins the race. The variation can be based on various factors like design, elements placement, content and others.

With the market flooding with tons of paid and open source A/B testing tools like Google Analytics A/B Testing tools, Optimizely A/B testing tools, Kissmetrics A/B Testing tools and more it is important for us to give you an in-depth A/B testing tools comparison.

We have listed some of the best A/B testing tools with features and price comparison. We believe that all of the A/B tools listed below will help startups and small businesses to decide better. If you need some A/B testing examples, you can read this article by Design for Founders. If you need A/B testing calculator, you must check this one by Neil Patel. If you want to know how to do A/B testing you can read this article.


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