Interactive Voice Response systems

Business and automation go hand in hand, no matter what industry you’re in, this is the modern reality. One such modern-day automation is the use of IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) technology.

IVR technology is continuously evolving from small businesses to large retailers and even home innovation. The use of IVR has revamped customer response mechanisms ensuring faster delivery and efficient operations.

What Is An Interactive Voice Response System?

An Interactive Voice Response system is a technology that allows computer systems to interact with humans using voice, either pre-recorded or dynamic audio.

There are different kinds of IVR systems, compatible with various operations, but inherently the underlying objective remains the same. To enhance interaction between human operators and computer systems, you can deploy an IVR to a community kiosk or a toll free number for that matter. The pre-recorded message on the other end of the IVR spectrum is to assist human beings in their day to day tasks.

Here are the benefits of an interactive voice response system for your businesses:

Reduction of Human Error

The first and foremost benefit of using IVR technology is a reduction in human error. Whether it’s a small business or a large one, we all know how human operators are prone to failure. And at times, a single human error can lead to a loss of millions or perhaps billions of dollars.

For instance, you can’t afford multiple receptionists, then who is going to take hundreds of calls for you, set up your meeting and relay messages. Use an IVR system to facilitate your customer service department, make sure the right department answers the customer query.

Enhance first contact Quality

If you’re calling to seek a solution, what if your call in answered by an unqualified representative, therefore an IVR system will not only ensure first contact quality, in fact but also enhance it. Each customer service representative will handle the optimum number of calls.

Personalization Efforts

An IVR system is not only restricted to handling calls, but it can also be equipped with far better additions. For instance, personalized greetings, a bank can use an IVR system to greet on-call platinum credit card customers. The system would be able to recognize the calling number and respond efficiently.

It can further assist you in customer call forwarding, conferencing, etc.

Time Efficiency

One thing that an IVR system perfects is Time Efficiency for your business. Interactive Voice Response systems are both beneficial for business and customers in terms of saving time and energy.

IVR systems offer an enhanced call queue management system. For instance, when a customer calls, they are told the expected waiting time. Further automation entails speech recognition, text to speech conversion in multiple languages, faster experience, higher vetting, and reduces the number of dropped calls.

Dropped calls severely affect customer service systems because the dropped customer calls gain, which affects customers already waiting on the call.

Enhance Productivity

When you ensure that your customers get the desired solution, tight on the first contact, you’re able to enhance the system’s overall productivity. With productivity comes performance, customer service representatives can fulfill their daily tasks much effectively.


Though the benefits of the IVR system outweighs the cost for your business, you need to understand how it’s one of the most cost-effective automotive solutions. For instance, without an IVR system, your customer calls go to an operator or a first responder, then to the designated department, and then to a specialist. That requires tremendous manpower, and a simple solution would be to install an effective Interactive Voice Response system.

24/7 Customer Service

The heightened benefits of such technology offer you to facilitate customers 24/7 primarily because of the unlimited access to IVR systems. You must be wondering that even with an IVR system, you have to have at least one agent during late hours, but here is how IVR helps. When there are no agents available, you can work out a pre-recorded message for frequent queries.

Improved Reputation

For any business, reputation is one of the most important factors, probably as important as profits as well. And the only way to build a reputation is by serving your customers to the best of your ability.

An IVR system gives a good sense of idea to your customer, even if you have only two agents to answer queries, an IVR system welcome note would satisfy the calling customers. It does not create an illusion of an automated voice. It helps your customers. IVR systems are the embodiment of the fact that you care about your customers.

Low Abandonment Rate

How often do we see customers hanging up? They are just frustrated at their agent and want to end the call. This gets more complicated when it’s a transaction or a paid service, the operation stops midway and now both the representative and the customer must make an extra effort.

A robust IVR system would prevent customers from hanging up. For instance, if a customer does not feel comfortable speaking to a representative, the said representative can immediately transfer the call to the IVR system, and queries can be sorted out later or in the form of recorded messages.

Compatible with Call Recording

The best feature of IVR systems is perhaps their compatibility with other customer response systems. For instance, call recording systems can ensure transparency and accountability in your customer response mechanism. These systems are well equipped to deal with confidentiality, security, and other on-call regulations.

Future Of Interactive Voice Response Systems

IVR systems are an appropriate yet affordable solution for your businesses. All you need to ensure is to follow a step by step guide towards implementing IVR systems. You can only avail of all the benefits of an interactive voice response system if you apply it thoroughly across your organization.

The future of IVR, however, lies in robotic process automation with an essential human connection. Such bots can be deployed as per convenience to kiosks, food counters, transport systems, etc., and after all, if you still want to speak to a live agent, you can.


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