Bangalore, 20 November 2018: ADOHM AI, India’s first marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, drove Apollo Hospitals’ digital advertising campaign independently and exhibited tremendous results. Designed to work autonomously with minimal to no human intervention, ADOHM delivered highly personalised ad campaign across channels.

This increased the qualified leads for Ask Apollo, a 24X7 interactive patient-centric service of Apollo Hospitals that gives patients the option to consult a doctor anywhere and anytime at their convenience, by a whopping 100% without an increase in the ad budget. While reducing the cost per lead by 50%, ADOHM also helped increase overall monthly leads by a sizeable 60%.

Built from the ground up by Bangalore based ADOHM Adtech, the marketing platform was pressed into action by Apollo’s digital marketing agency Nikulsan. ADOHM uses the power of big data and incorporates machine learning techniques, applied propensity models, predictive analysis and other AI applications to deliver highly personalized communication across multiple devices and channels.

Anshul Sharma, General Manager – Digital, Apollo Hospitals said; “Three months of engagement and from day one a 100% increase in the lead generation without increasing a single dime in the ad budget is spectacular by any standards. ADHOM has shown the power of AI and what it can achieve in the times to come in the digital marketing domain. We are very impressed and are looking forward to seeing ADHOM in action on our future campaigns.”

Reacting on the development Kuldeep Chaudhary, CEO, ADOHM Adtech said, “We are happy to see ADOHM making its presence felt in a resounding way. ADOHM AI algorithm works on enormous amounts of real-time data and builds audience profiles to serve the right ads to the right audience at the right time. ADOHM keeps on learning, adapting and tweaking ads across channels to deliver high performing ad campaigns 24×7. This enables the human team to focus more on increasing the value proposition.”

“Google and Facebook restrict certain kind of ads in the healthcare domain, which leaves us with limited options in terms of content play. This meant that we had to put extra thrust on optimising and acing the ad delivery while keeping the cost per lead at the minimum. We deployed ADOHM AI exactly for this purpose and are delighted to see it exceeding our client’s expectations,” said Sandeep Chaudhary, CEO, Nikulsan.

ADOHM is an AdTech company specializing in artificial intelligence infused marketing platforms. It has been driving fully automated digital marketing campaigns for some of the leading brands across real estate and e-commerce industries.

Launched in the last quarter of 2017, ADOHM’s mission is to simplify the complexities of modern marketing by using Artificial intelligence. By successfully helping numerous brands advertise to their audience with ease and significantly reducing ad wastage, ADOHM is gaining huge recognition amidst result oriented marketers across industries and geographies.

Launched in 2017 by Apollo Hospitals; Ask Apollo is a 24X7 interactive patient-centric service that gives patients the option to consult a doctor anywhere and anytime at their convenience.

Through Ask Apollo, one can also book an appointment, avail instant consultation by a family doctor, diet and nutrition-related advice, consultation with a specialist/board of specialists based on the criticality of the ailment and request home care services. Ask Apollo is a one-stop solution that has simplified healthcare services and is trusted.


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