abhinav verma

With the demonetization of ₹1,000 and ₹500 notes in the month of November and circulation of new ₹2,000 notes, the cases of fake notes of the same denomination is on its high.

Criminals are being arrested for printing and circulation of fake currency every other day in the country. And on the same charges on Wednesday, the Mohali police arrested a gang with fake currency notes worth ₹42 lakhs.

Police recovered an Audi car, worth ₹70 lakhs having a red beacon on the roof. The culprits include Abhinav Verma, a B.Tech graduate, his cousin Vishakha Verma, who is pursuing MBA, and Suman Nagpal, a Ludhiana-based property dealer.

abhinav verma

“The recovered notes are of fine quality and look exactly like the new notes of ₹2,000. They had installed the paraphernalia at some place to print fake notes of ₹2,000 as the people were not much aware of the authenticity of the new currency notes,” said the city SP.

The shocking part of the incident is the background of the culprits. Abhinav Verma, aged 21, is the innovator of Live Braille. He developed a smart gadget for the blind aimed at improving mobility for the visually handicapped.

The vision to be the Apple, gathered buzz around the young CEO.  Abhinav’s start-up Embryo S was based in Chandigarh and operated in 16 countries in partnership with multiple NGOs and “the market for assistive technologies has just been ignoredwere his words.

abhinav verma

Police reported that the act of printing fake notes was being done at Abhinav’s Chandigarh office only and Vishaka was his help there. The accused Suman’s job was to identify the customers and direct them to the other accused.

The team also included two other members, who are currently on the run, and the five-member gang that was duping people on the pretext of exchanging the recently demonetised banknotes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 after deducting a commission of 30%.


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