Are you new to bingo? Looking for a little cheat sheet to help guide us through those first few sessions. After all, not knowing the slang calls that pair with the numbers can mean we end up rushing to scan our pages – join now. Missing numbers is a huge issue and obviously can be the difference between winning and losing. Who would want to lose for such a silly reason as missing a number!

They change depending on the bingo halls – some bingo callers like to change up the calls to give a bit of personality to it or to make it topical, but we’ll get more into that later.

Here’s a list of some of the calls we can expect here.

  1.       Kelly’s eye
  2.       One little duck
  3.       Cup of tea
  4.       Knock at the door
  5.       Man alive
  6.       Half a dozen
  7.       Luckily for some
  8.       Garden gate
  9.       Brighton Line
  10.   Big Ben
  11.   Legs eleven
  12.   One dozen
  13.   Unlucky for some
  14.   Valentines day
  15.   Young and keen
  16.   Never been kissed
  17.   Dancing queen
  18.   Coming of age
  19.   Goodbye teens
  20.   One score
  21.   Key of the door
  22.   Two little ducks
  23.   The lord is my shepherd
  24.   Two Dozen
  25.   Duck and dive
  26.   Half a crown
  27.   Duck and a crutch
  28.   In a state
  29.   Rise and shine
  30.   Dirty Gertie
  31.   Get Up and Run
  32.   Buckle My shoe
  33.   Dirt Knee
  34.   Ask for more
  35.   Jump and jive
  36.   Three dozen 

Personal Favourites

  •         50: 5 – 0, 5- 0, it’s off to work we go
  •         60. Grandma’s getting frisky
  •         85. Staying Alive

How Do the Calls work

The calls are will be either, rhyming slang, puns, cheeky phrases or topical references. Because of this the calls can change, so bare this in mind when going to a new bingo hall. Sometimes they will change regionally or because the bingo caller wants to add a bit of their own personality to the game with some fresh calls.

Bingo Calls Are Always Developing

We are now also seeing a new era of bingo calls being introduced as younger generations get their hands into the game, so expect to see more of the calls changing and developing to have more current topical references. Whilst some people feel this is a negative thing, bingo calls have changed and developed through time, each generation bringing their own culture to the game.

Some Arising, New Era Calls We Might Hear.

  •         38, Avocado on a plate
  •         32, Fake News
  •         88, Wills and Kate
  •         39, Love Island Time
  •         52, Brunch for Two

Some of these aren’t as good as the old classics. “Wills and Kate 88” as a replacement for “Two Fat Ladies, 88” lacks the same humour that we often find in bingo calls, on the other hand there are some funny topical calls like “Fake News, 32”.

With such variety, stay calm and keep those ears pricked and hopefully we should be able to keep up.


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