6000 Crores Worth Businessman

A diamond businessman named Ghanshyam Bhai Dholakiya sends his son Hithartha to Hyderabad handing him only ₹500. The motto was to let his son prove that he can survive without all the luxury and use that ₹500 for a living. He said that he wants his son to realize the problems of a common man before entering his business empire worth ₹6000 crores.

Strange to believe but true. Mr Dholakiya said to his son that he should work in Hyderabad without disclosing his or his father’s identity. Hithartha had to work for 1 week at the first destination or company. He neither had a mobile phone or ATM card.

6000 Crores Worth Businessman

Hithartha recently came back after proving himself and working in the struggling fold of Hyderabad city. He claims to save ₹5000 too.

Hithartha said that his father gave him an envelope. When he opened it, he could see the tickets to Hyderabad. He was bit confused and shocked at the same time. With a lot of questions in his mind, he arrived in Hyderabad.

6000 Crores Worth Businessman

He didn’t have mobile with him. So he borrowed someone’s to call up his father’s assistant which was not answered; unfortunately. The very first day he went searching for jobs. A major tension panicked him throughout the day, the tension of residence. He thought where would he live.

He didn’t even have an ID card. Finally, he met the owner of RK Lodge who helped him stay. Though he was lending that place to Hithartha, it was a major help. He felt hungry. Due to low budget, he ordered a full plate of rice at ₹20 from nearby street side vendor.

6000 Crores Worth Businessman


He says that he never ate this kind of food in his entire life before. After 2 days of hunting for a job, he finally got placed in McDonald’s. He worked in production, sales and inventory at the McD.

To fulfil his father’s criteria he had to work there only for a week. He had to change his job then. He explained a lot and argued with the manager to get a one-week salary of ₹1500.  While hunting for the second job, he travelled in local buses for the first time bearing all that push and throws.

6000 Crores Worth Businessman

The second job he got was at a white board manufacturing factory where he worked in marketing and sales. He had to ride a bike throughout the day and promote the products to customers. He had to deliver the products to the customers too.

Hectic schedule at work broke him after dusk. He learned that life has no shortcuts and he was lucky to have a billionaire father. In the meantime, one-day he met Rukgupta Parashartha in an auto rickshaw. He gave him the place to stay without identification. The third job he did was in Adidas’s showroom. Although by that time he had three options, he chose Adidos. During this time, he got an opportunity to learn a lot from fellow employees.

His father Ghanshyam says that this is his family ritual. Last year, his son Dravya went on a trip to earn and learn. He too saved ₹4000 when he returned back. The family sends their family members to live like an anonymous common man. It helps them learn values of life.


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