workplace trends

The workplace and what employees want from the workplace and their employer is constantly changing, and employers must make sure that they keep up with these trends in order to attract the best in talent and skills that the job pool has to offer. By following the trends detailed below, you will be able to receive loyalty from your staff and enable them to stay motivated and content in the workplace.

Working Remotely

Many millennials want as much flexibility as possible to enable them to balance both work and other commitments in order to make the most of their time. This is coupled with the rise in importance of technology within the workplace, allowing millennials to complete tasks at a much quicker pace, work in less manual roles, and access data and information whenever they need it. Technology has allowed millennials to work remotely in order to make money online through different resources and employers should aim to follow this trend by employing freelance workers or out-sourcing work, as well as offering their employees the option to work from home, communicating solely on an online basis.

Personal Investment

Millennials are also looking for employers who are willing to invest in them on an individual basis, and whose workplace focuses on employee growth and personal development. To establish this within your workplace, you should set up quarterly meetings to discuss your employee’s growth and to set targets for the future with the aim of promotion. You should also help to support your employee’s goals by giving them a set time off each year for personal development tasks such as starting a hobby or second business or taking a course. You may also want to consider the advantages of paying for or giving employees time off to take training courses and academic degrees that could help support their work.

Work-Life Balance

Many employees are also looking for a good balance between their career, and other commitments such as entertainment, family, and social life. Rather than be willing to stay in the office until late into the night, most employees are now looking for jobs which offer them flexibility and a large amount of free time. You can encourage this in the workplace by establishing health schemes and setting up bonding activities to make your workplace a healthier environment to be, and help to lessen the workload on employees by asking for high-quality work rather than a large quantity of work by short deadlines.

Good Location

Generally, employees look for a good location in their workplace, and in the past, most people have wanted a workplace close to their home or within easy access to public transport. However, the rise of technology and mobile phones mean that most employees can work from anywhere, especially in communication-based work, meaning that establishing a central location is less important than it used to be. Instead, many millennials are happy to commute in order to have the job of their dreams, and may even be looking at rural areas where house prices and living costs are generally cheaper.


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