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If you are an entrepreneur, then the thought of accompanying your startup with a mobile application must have crossed your mind. The strategies to make a promising startup and promote it in different ways have become inevitable in the present market.

But building an application for your startup is not that easy. You need to ask yourself the right questions. You need to look into the following questions to know your purpose. The purpose behind the mobile application for your startup will always push you to do better.

Let us look into these questions.

1What made you want to build a mobile application?

Always have it clear in your mind the purpose of your mobile application for your startup. If, as an entrepreneur, your business strategy includes building a mobile app, go ahead with it. But don’t blindly follow the herd of other corporate slaves and build an application just because they also did it.

Building an app is a long process that demands solid motivation throughout your journey. While fame and money can be the purpose, these might not be enough. You should have a clear vision and desire that ensures the successful accomplishment of your app. Your service through the application should offer satisfaction to your potential audience.

2Which platform to choose for your mobile application?

Most entrepreneurs support the android platform over the Apple operating system or Linux because Android is the best choice. You may want to include a variety of features in your app that may not be supported by iOS. But iOS should be a good choice if you’re going to build a consumer-oriented app. The most important fact to consider is that iOS users earn better revenue than Android app users.

Google Play Store has more apps in it as compared to the iOS app store. However, if we compare, the iOS apps are easy to build and even with low cost. The location and target market of the app is also a significant factor. India has more Android users as well as Android app developers, whereas the United States of America has more Apple users.

3What efforts would you take to protect the idea of your application?

Be very cautious when you are discussing your application idea. Avoid sharing the concept of your app that discloses vital information. It does not mean you should restrain yourself from the fruitful conversation that can help your app.

The way to avoid disclosing ideas about your app is NDA. The Non Disclosure Agreements prevent exposing important information about the app. Until you sign the NDA, you can share the non-projectory details on the app. The general information you can share before signing the NDA includes the app’s primary focus, the platform you want your app to launch on, budget, and comparison with other similar apps.

4What are the key features of your application?

On Google play store, iOS, and other platforms, there are many apps similar to yours; but what makes your app stand apart from others?

What are those key features special in your app that make it different from millions of other apps?

Having a clear idea about the unique features of your app can help you a lot. The unique features of your app can also be termed as the USP (Unique Selling Propensity). Being aware of your app’s USP proves to help target main areas and potential audiences. Answer some questions with utmost loyalty.

  • What are the requirements of my target audience?
  • What will make their experience with your app better?
  • What are the different factors that I can put in my app?

These questions will undoubtedly help you to identify the key feature of the app.

5How much money will it take to create an application?

The answer to the question depends on the platform you want your app to be on, the features you want to add to your app, and many such factors. This will help you determine the initial costs for establishing and building the app. A mobile application generally takes up a six-figure investment, at least, initially.

There are some other ways if you want to lessen your budget. Keep in mind that you will get what you paid for. Get yourself informed of all the costs associated with building an app. The budget needs to be planned, and the money needs to be allocated properly so that there are no disparities while making the app with your team.

6How will you approach the investors for funding your application?

Approaching investors is another crucial aspect while developing an application. As a matter of fact, you will require funding to develop and correct your app from time to time. It is usually not possible to fund your app in the beginning. This is why you might need to approach investors.

Investors are people who invest in business ideas for a living. They also provide a lot of professional assistance as they venture into new projects. You could need funding for your application, so you need to be prepared to pitch the investors in this case.

Remember, it is imperative to plan your pitch to get the funding.

At first, you need to look confident about your plan and yourself so that investors feel secure about their investment, and it might turn the tables. The second thing is to explain your overall project from idea to output for investors to feel satisfied with their investment. These are the critical things you need to take into consideration while approaching the investors.

7What is the impact of key stakeholders?

A stakeholder is a person or a group of people who contributes to your organization. Stakeholders can be customers, clients, or employees. These stakeholders have significant impacts on your project and an organization that might be positive and negative.

Stakeholders decide the impacts of an organization on society. Stakeholders are internal and external. Internal stakeholders such as employees and managers affect the daily performance of the organization. External stakeholders are not directly linked with the organization, but they have a significant impact on it. External stakeholders are mainly government authorities, clients, customers, sellers, etc.

8How much time will it take to develop a mobile application?

The time required to develop an application depends on various factors, but usually, it takes 4-6 months to build a quality application, excluding the development process, that too if you build your app from top mobile app development companies. The time required to develop an application is directly proportional to the number of features. That is the main reason to establish a minimum viable product with the minimum functionality needed for an app.

The complexity of features also impacts the amount of time necessary to develop an application. Less complex functions take less time to be created. It is essential to have a dedicated team to create an app because it is one of the main factors determining the amount of time required.

9How frequently will you update your application?

Your real task begins when you release your app on the platform after completion. After release, you need to maintain your application, and for that, you need to keep it updated. There is no specific duration for updates; it depends on the feedback you receive and the problems users face. Also, updates depend on the bugs present in the app.

But generally, you can expect 1-4 updates per month.

10How to prevent your application from failing?

It is nearly impossible to develop an application that can sustain with constantly changing market of application development. To support recent changes, one must take necessary precautions and prevent the application from failing. One must constantly correct and develop the application to prevent it from failing in the market.

First of all, developers should not use an app as just a product because it is a full-fledged business. Hence developers should take every possible precaution to avoid failing an application.

Be very selective about the components and the features included in an app. It is obvious to be

fascinated by your ideas, but you need to work on non-performing parts to avoid application. Also, regular beta testing must be done to prevent the failure of an application.

Know one thing that you should only build a mobile application if it is one of your strategies and not just because everyone else is doing it. Give yourself honest answers to the above questions and once you are satisfied with the answers, go ahead with the app. You need to have a proper strategy to build the application for your startup.

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