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Starting up a new business is not as easy as you think. You have to face a variety of challenges to set up and run a new business. At the very start, you face any issue while selecting the name for your business. You might come up with a name that perfectly serves the purpose of defining your business, but there is a big problem; its domain is already taken. You choose another option, but your advisors think it is not suitable.

Now it looks like a big issue, everything for your business is planned except the name; and, you can’t start a business without a name. What to do now? There should be another way to get a great name for your start-up business, but how? We will tell you! It is straightforward, simply go online and search for business name generators, no, I’m not talking about random word generator or word randomizer!

I’m talking about a business name generator. Now you may think, how on earth I am going to search the right business name generator to figure out the name of my business? I’ll ease your problem by suggesting the names of some excellent business name generators for you. The names of these efficient tools are given below:

Name Mesh

If you are looking for a domain in addition to the business name, then Name Mesh is the right tool for you. You just have to enter tone or two keywords defining the core concept of your business in the search bar, and there you go, it would display lists of domain names categorized in different classes for you.

When you click on the domain name, it will lead you to the page of leading web hosting company the Blue Host to help you in acquiring the domain name. It is as easy as you like. So, head on to Name Mesh to get an exciting name and domain for your business.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify’, as we all know, is a leading name in Ecommerce CMS platforms that provides compatible websites according to your business. Its services don’t stop here, it would also help you in identifying the right business name and getting the domain as well through Shopify Business Name Generator.

After reserving the domain name, it would also help you in setting up and running your website by providing customized solutions for your website or e-commerce retail store where you would offer your products or services for business.

Cool Name Ideas

It is a very good tool if you want to have a cool business name that would define your business and appeal to the audience as well. Just past the keyword for your business in the text bar and get some fresh name ideas for your business in a matter of seconds.

It would also help you in finding the right name for your blog if you are a blogger and planning to set up a new blog page for a particular niche or industry. You would also find tips and advice related to the names generated by this tool. Try this tool to get cool names for your business, domain, blog, or anything.


If you are in search of sophisticated business names with a professional background, then this online tool is for you. All you have to do is to type the keyword defining the core concept of your business and click the ‘Generate Names’ button.

As soon as you click the button, you will see a list of names for your business. Select any name which sounds good to you and feels right for your business. You can also specify the name of your business to get specified business names for your startup.


The business name generator by WordLab is a useful tool if you are in search of a great business name. This tool doesn’t work as other tools do. You don’t have to enter keywords defining the core concept of your business.

Still, it comes up with more than 7 million potential names, keep on pressing generate a name, and eventually, you will find a name that is a great fit for your business. WordLab business name generator is a great tool if you are looking for a unique business name.


NameStation is an excellent solution if you are tired of naming your business and then leaving it because of various issues. You can use this tool by entering the keyword for your business, and it will come up with several thousands of word combinations, synonyms, similar words, and categorized lists. You can save your favorites and generate similar names.

You can also opt for a crowdsourced name where NameStation helps you in finding the best business name through the advice of the community. It carries out a naming contest to figure out the best business name for you.


BrandBucket is a great option to get a unique business name for your startup. It would suggest a creative business name. After you enter the keyword for your business, it comes with 3700 names generated for your business.

You can choose the right business name from the lists of names. These lists include names according to categories like

All, invented, and keyword-oriented business or brand names.


Panabee is a great tool for the creation of unique, descriptive, and catchy business names. You just have to enter the keyword, and it will show a list containing various names for your business.

It doesn’t only work to generate business names; it also suggests the names of a variety of things like the app, social media account, domain, or company. If your desired name is already occupied, you can explore a list of similar names. You can also review domain availability and alternatives through this efficient tool.

Prepostseo Word Combiner

Another great and effective tool to generate business names is available for free on Prepostseo. You can use this tool to get a great name for your business. Enter the descriptive keywords for your business, it would come up with a great name by uniquely combining these words.

There is no restriction on the number of keywords for this tool; you can add several words to get a unique and defining business name. Try Prepostseoword combiner for catchy business names.

Brand Root

This is a great tool for the generation of unique business name with .com domain. Each name is carefully crafted and comes with a logo and domain name at affordable prices. You can search with keywords or categories to get the best name, according to you.

You can also preset your price limit to avoid the display of names with higher price tags than your budget. You can also request revisions on the logo for your business name, which comes with the domain name.

The Wrap Up

Selecting the right business name for your business, which serves the purpose of defining your business and is catch as well, could be a headache sometime. You can use a business name generator to get the right name for your startup. We have discussed some great tools for the name generation of your business. We hope you would find a great business name using these tools. We wish you luck with your business!


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