Mr. Rajan Dang, Founder & Ms. Anushree Srivastava, CEO and Co-Founder

Zvesta is the real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place and connecting them with the best local professionals who can help to prove value-added services. Zvesta aims to organise unorganised real estate industry and provide standard ERP to the builders, developers and to the consumers.

The company came into operation in April 2015 and was founded by Rajan Dang and Anushree Srivastava. It is an intelligence-based personalised recommendation system with the predictive and forecasting model for buy, sell or rent, identification of hot locations and its amenities. The company has also come up with an algorithm development and integration into web page along with sentiment analysis for opportunities in real business.

Anushree Srivastava, an entrepreneur by heart with the coveted background of working with a government organization, headed new business initiatives, SAAS for Indian railways. She wanted to explore her skill & abilities in the space of Real-Estate, having understood Rajan ‘s zeal to build an innovation she extended her hands to lay a new foundation to Zvesta.

Rajan having a background in managing big revenue streams. He has worked in Netambit Infosource Ltd as head OJT (on the job). Yebhi.com headed strategic alliances portfolio worth INR 80 Cr approximately with 400+ Strategic alliances and including (FMCG), Videocon Silver jubilee program in 2012 worth Rs. 100 Cr, (Telecom) Airtel Navratna Program for distributor worth Rs. 65 Cr, (Automobile) Maruti Auto connect program worth Rs. 30 Cr.

Founders Rajan Dang & Anushree Srivastava were thrilled with the progress of their young company Zvesta and had made in the 2 years since they began the journey to convince Indian corporate as the Real-Estate marketing had changed to be successful in.

In the initial days, Zvesta faced a lot of difficulties and the major of them was the acceptance of the latest technology. As they were the first mover into the real estate sector working on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the country, it was a core advantage as well as a major challenge for them. Convincing partners for integrating the technology and showcasing the benefits was a tough job.

Corporate events at multiple corporate premises were the golden gem for Zvesta and helped to get initial traction. With an expert sales team with good real estate experience and strong network with developers, the company with a vision to drive transparency in real estate by building the living index for homes has already succeeded in having 176+ Builders, 656 Projects and a User base of 7000.

Mr Rajan Danng, Founder and MD, Zvesta said, “Indian real estate will witness a paradigm shift with Digitization, artificial intelligence, big data, new construction methods, augmented reality will all become a new reality. Expansion into 21 cities is the most exciting plan of ours, where we have more strategy to expand and cover Real-Estate Market but that would be revealed later.

Zvesta is targeted at investors audience for an investor pitch. The idea behind Zvesta in empowering consumer is to make them take the decision to buy based on rating and recommendation from the system. Zvesta wanted to be more than just a channel partner with the developers & builders. Rajan had become an evangelist, preaching new ways of doing business that would fundamentally change selling of Real-Estate.

Anushree says, “We believe in hiring the right person for the right position. We do not compromise when it comes to quality of the personnel we hire. Quality of product & service we are developing requires the best professional to work who have same set of mind to ensure zero bugs in the developed technology. To ensure these points our HR team get the detailed description of work, Role & responsibilities from the respective team and further makes understand internal as well as external team who screen & recruits the profile.”

She further adds, “For the final appointment of any candidate, Zvesta eliminate multiple level of interview, we simplify the process of interview to be taken by HR, Departmental head and further proceed for the senior management to appoint. Also our HR team do the background verification via call, physical verification with all the submitted documentation to ensure the authenticity of the information shared by candidates.”

Anushree and Rajan were finding a willing audience for their ideas. Zvesta is now considered a leader in technology space. Rajan has realized that the crucial juncture of his carrier evolved him to be an entrepreneur. He has faced over budgeting issues during the renovation of the home, he realized that a common man is not empowered for the right buying of Real-Estate, he or she intern spend double or more than the estimated budget rather than buying a new home.

Mr Danng says, “Zvesta embarks this vision to share the ratings and recommendations of realty with the consumers to empower them to the right decision to buy Homes. Recently Zvesta has been acknowledged by Quikr and Realty Fact as “The tech Broker of the year” in March 2017. I am happy to acknowledge all the Zvesta team for driving this vision for the community of India.”

The consumers shall be allowed to provide their inputs to the system as well. Zvesta visions to be the real estate technology platform to guide the WHAT, WHEN, HOW of buying in real estate.

The company gives services like corporate sell, online Zvesta voucher, online buying/selling engine, renting (Zero Commission), home Projects and Services, Online Bidding, Zvesta Pricing Engine, reality engine, Zvesta mate engine, builder Supplies and advertisement.


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