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The festive period is a hectic time of year in the retail sector, as the influx of Christmas shoppers sees skyrocketing demand for goods and services. But retail in the run-up to Christmas have been changing significantly; a third of UK shoppers intended to carry out their Christmas shop completely online at the end of 2021. But how does this measure up to other times of year – and why are people overwhelmingly moving towards online retail, and away from the high street?

Christmas Shopping Vs Other Times of Year

According to a recent survey of online buyers, around 62% of online shoppers use online shopping solutions at least once a month. Weekly online shoppers are less common, and shoppers using online commerce on a daily basis are even less so, at 3% of respondents. These statistics are at odds with the Christmas statistic mentioned at the start of the piece, indicating that not only does retail volume increase over the festive period, but so too does uptake of online shopping. What draws people to online retail around Christmas?

The Benefits of Shopping Online for Christmas

There are a number of benefits to shopping online in the Christmas period, which might spur shoppers to make the change away from the high street. For starters, the Christmas rush is real; people leaving their gift shopping until the last minute crowd into city centres and shopping districts to complete their rounds. This can create product scarcity on shelves, making shopping difficult for some. The crowds can also be unpleasant to manage.

Online shopping can circumvent the inconvenience of these issues, allowing consumers to find and purchase the exact products they set out to buy without jostling for space. Shopping online also enables you to zone in on only the products you want to purchase, and find better deals on price than in retail spaces. For example, you might want to buy dark chocolate as a gift for someone; visiting an online vendor specialising in chocolate can offer greater choice in products, as well as bag you a better deal through buying from them directly.

The End of the High Street?

So, does this shift towards shopping online spell the end for the high street? For the time being, physical shops continue to thrive – but as online shopping solutions continue to improve, and more and more people become connected to the internet, their fate seems set in stone. Online shopping provides unprecedented convenience, enabling consumers to receive goods to their doorstep and at a lower price.


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