Prepaid Visa Cards
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Gifting is a custom in every country. Choosing a present that is perfect for every person you are gifting can be a challenging task. One option is to give cash as gifts. In this way, the person getting a cash-gift will have the choice of where to spend the money. However, offering cash as gifts has its drawbacks. If you lose the money, then it will be forever gone. The next best thing is to hand out a prepaid Visa card. Here are some of the situations where you can gift prepaid visa cards.

As a reward for loyal customers

You can give away prepaid visa cards to customers who continue to buy your products or services. This is a way to thank them for their loyalty. You can customize the prepaid card with your company logo and a thank you message for your customers’ continuous patronage.

Payment for participating in focus group discussions and surveys

Some companies give out surveys to customers or hold a focus group discussion to get ideas on how to improve their products and services. Since people will be spending their time in participating in surveys and focus groups, companies give out customized prepaid visa cards to the participants.

As petty office cash

You can give out a prepaid visa card to your office staff with instructions to use the amount only on office-related expenses. This card will take the place of the petty cash but is much safer than having money lying around the office.

As a monitoring tool for work expenses

If you have a company that employs sales agents, you can issue them with a prepaid visa card. They can use the card for representation allowances and other work-related expenses. With a prepaid card, you can easily monitor the actual costs of your agents because you can always request for a card statement that you can review.

Training for teenagers

Prepaid visa cards are great tools in training teenagers to value money and manage their finances. You can give out prepaid visa cards as a means for your teenage sons and daughters to get their allowances. You can control your children’s spending power by limiting the amount of load that you put in the card.

Prepaid visa cards also work as excellent motivators for teenage children since you can entice them to do chores with the promise of increasing the amount on their cards on the next reloading.

As a tool to manage your financial budget

If you are tight on money and want to budget your daily expenses, then you can use different prepaid visa cards. For example, you can load money in one prepaid visa card and assign that card to be used only for car-related expenses such as paying for gas or regular maintenance while having another prepaid card purely for groceries. With this type of system, you can set yourself to spend only within your budget.



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