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Some of the most desirable cars tend to be classic cars rather than the most technologically advanced. You’ll often see the rich and famous pictured in a stylish classic car as opposed to the latest modern offering. Indeed, many people even build collections of classic cars. But why is this? Below we explore what motivates people to collect classic cars.


Nostalgia is one of the main reasons for building such a collection. For older collectors, purchasing a classic car brings them back to memories of their youth. It could be that they always wanted a specific car when they were young. Or maybe they had great memories in a classic car and hope to relive those moments. Either way, that buzz of nostalgia encourages many people to start a collection.


Classic cars can make for a shrewd investment too. Unlike a brand-new car, a classic car won’t depreciate as long as it’s maintained – in fact, the rarer it gets the more its value will rise. Of course, you’ll need some skills to ensure a classic car increases in value. You’ll need to have an eye for an exclusive car that will attract plenty of interest when it’s time to sell. The market for classic cars ebbs and flows too; you’ll need to identify the ideal time to sell.

Restoration project

Some people take the investment to the next level and try restoration projects. This is where you take a damaged or much-loved classic car and repair it or furnish it back up to a top standard. It can be difficult – either you need to be a skilled mechanic or know a skilled mechanic who’s up to the job. In some cases, collectors even add modern additions to their car such as a drivetrain or air conditioning! But it can be incredibly rewarding taking a tarnished old car and revitalising it carefully over the course of many months.

Sense of community

The classic car community is a close and dedicated group, and many collectors love the social aspect of their hobby. The community is comprised of a diverse array of people over the age of 40, and it can be a friendly way for you to find a social circle with similar passions. Friends meet at car shows or connect over social platforms on the internet and motivate each other to continue nurturing their collection.

Starting a classic car collection can be thrilling. It’s a hobby that has a strong social group, while also being profitable at the same time. And you can even have peace of mind from costly accidents by investing in classic car insurance.


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